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Trinidad and Tobago Uses World’s Hottest Pepper For Tourism Promotion

Trinidad and Tobago Uses Hot Pepper For Tourism Promotion on ButtonJim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles had sent me a button in the mail and tipped me off to this bit of info.

The government of the Caribbean island country of Trinidad and Tobago is using the world’s hottest chile pepper – the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion – as part of a tourism event held the weekend of June 30th – July 1st! It’s very cool news for us chileheads to see something like this promoted, and for the island to embrace the fact that most of the super-hots of the capsicum chinese species – which include the Moruga Scorpion, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, the 7 Pot and the Bhut Jolokia – probably originated in Trinidad and Tobago.

The button features the name of the official T&T tourism website, with one of Duffy’s photos of a ripe red Moruga Scorpion chile in the middle with the words “World’s Hottest Pepper”.

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