Posted March 6, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Ultimate Blog Sauce Update

As the dust from the 2006 Fiery Food show begins to settle and all the exhibitors are finally getting some well deserved rest, the work on the Ultimate Blog Sauce is just getting underway.

The Danny Cash crew has gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one folks. They are going to create a custome sized label for the bottle! The 4×6 labels are a bit to tall for a standard bottle (it would reach over the curve of the bottle), so they are going to take the time to cut them down so that the labels fit perfectly and we’re left with the most label coverage as possible.

They are also going to sign all the labels before sending them out and I’m fairly sure I can convince CaJohn & Blair to get in on this as well. And of course the Creator and potentially the Three Hot Tamales.

So the label had been settled and may even be completed by the end of this week.

The list of participants has been determined and everyone on it will be notified by the end of this week as well, that way we can start to accumulate mailing addresses and begin the sorting out of those plans. Those not on this first run will have the oppurtunity to participate in the second run. Please continue to comment and engage in the chilehead banter here on the HSB.

The labels will be sent out in two sets and will go out to the international participants first. Also, I will be sending around more labels then participants, just in case any get smudged, lost or otherwise ruined along the way.

The pens that will be sent around will be fine tipped black sharpies – after seeing all the paint marker explosions this weekend, I don’t want to risk anything on the labels. Plus the sharpies dry much faster and are easier to work with.

That should be all the updates for the Ultimate Blog Sauce – if I missed anything, please let me know (still jet-lagged).

** Also, since we will not be shipping the bottles out (just the labels) these will go out via USPS and you guys will be paying that when you ship it out. That will lower the final cost and cut down on some of the organization time on my end. So your final cost will be the bottle + bottle shipping and then the cost of shipping out each of the label pacakges – which if sent priority will be just under $10 – so I think the total will still stay under $25.

Nick Lindauer

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