Posted October 30, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

United States of Hot Sauce

United States of Hot Sauce
50 States of Hot Sauce (missing 3)

For the upcoming Chile Pepper Magazine Hot Sauce issue, they will be profiling a hot sauce manufacturer from each of the 50 states. But they’re missing 3 states: NV, UT & MN – if you know of a manufacturer in any or all of those states, email it to editor@chilepepper.com.

The first person who emails editor@chilepepper.com with info on a manufacturer in NV, UT or MN (sauce needs to be available via web or mail across the US) will get a thank-you sauce gift pack from Chile Pepper Magazine. (In other words, they’ll send out one gift pack for each of the three states).

Send in your email by November 15.

Let’s show them what the HSB knows about hot sauce!

Nick Lindauer

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