Posted April 21, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

Upcoming Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner Post

Readers – It’s definately time for another Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner Post, so please send in your submissions if you got ’em – we’re talking sauces for sale, sauces you need or any other news that may interest a hot sauce collector.

Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner Submissions:
Are you a collector looking for a certain bottle? Do you have a collectible bottle you’re looking to sell? Have anything else that may be of interest to hot sauce collectors in general? If so, drop the HSB a note here (or email nick ‘@’ and we’ll post it in the Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner.

If you have a bottle to sell or trade, send us a note as well and we’ll see what we can find for you. This is a free service brought to you by the HSB for all the chilehead readers. You can show appreciation by buying a bottle of Hot Blog Sauce – the first hot sauce for bloggers and all the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society.

Nick Lindauer

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