Posted August 10, 2006 by John in Hot Sauce News

Update on Capitol Punishment Sauces

A few months back, I did an interview with Gordon Cameron, the proprietor of an up and coming, Washington DC-based line of hot sauces called Capitol Punishment. The sauces (Roasted Red Gar-banero, Must Have Mango, Smokey Sear-Acha, and Serra-Tillo) were fantastic, and are still some of my current favorites.

After not hearing from Capitol Punishment sauces for a while, I decided to check up with Chef Gordon and see how things were going. Turns out, life as a fledgling Artisan Hot Sauce maker isn’t easy when your identity gets stolen, leaving you to foot a large bill for taxes in a state you’ve never lived in, complete with a lien on your checking account.

In the words of Chef Gordon, “I have a court date for September 7th. This is unfortunately conflicting with the Zest Fest weekend, I was looking so forward to meeting fellow manufacturers and HSBers. This issue has really impacted Capitol Punishment, not to mention my personal life. It has cost me two events this summer, I can’t use my bank, buy raw materials, damn it even cost me a low number Firecracker 500!”

This is an unfortunate blow to all hot sauce lovers who value good heat, perfectly balanced flavors, and high quality ingredients. Hopefully fortune turns around soon for Chef Gordon, so we can get back to enjoying his fine line of sauces again.

Chef Gordon’s take on the situation? I still have a huge habanero for a heart that pumps capsicum into my blood, so it’s will take more than this issue to keep me out of the biz. So when the smoke clears, we will rally to get everything back on track with a vengeance.