Posted July 28, 2012 by John Scrovak in Bloggers

Viva El Toro – A Restaurant Review

Hey there, folks. I’m down in Georgia without product.  I won’t be down here much longer, so it doesn’t make sense to have James Wreck mail me some product when I will probably be gone by the time it gets here.  I know, I know, I could have packed some when I came down, but can you imagine where I would have had to hide some pretty potent sauce to get it on the plane?  That there is a risk I was NOT willing to take.  Anyway, while I was down here, I decided to eat at a local place, Viva El Toro, and let y’all know what I thought! Read on for my adventure at Viva El Toro!

The Order:

When I eat at a new place, I like to grab life by the horns (yes, pun intended).  When the cute little waitress asked me what I’d like, after having had a few minutes to look over the menu with the hot corn tortilla chips and salsa, I told her to surprise me.  She giggled, and asked what I like.  I said “Darlin, I’ll eat anything.  I don’t care what you bring me, make sure it’s something you like, something special, and it’s not vegetarian.  I hate those guys.”  She giggled again and said she had something in mind.  As she turned to leave, I grabbed her and asked for the hottest hot sauce they had.  She had this look come over her face as she asked me to confirm my request.  I told her if it melted my face, I’d be satisfied.  As for beer, I drank Negra Modelo.


My senorita had picked out for me “Bistec Al La Mexicana”, according to the receipt.  Looking at it, it appeared to be chopped steak, seasoned and cooked with green peppers, onions, and tomatoes.  It was served with rice and refried beans, three flour tortillas, and a dark colored hot sauce on the side, per my request.  With a wink from senorita, I dove in.  Figuratively.




The steak was seasoned well, and cooked until it was done and tender, but not until it started to dry out.  The rice and beans were, well, rice and beans.  I wasn’t at all impressed with either of them.  The steak, though, was delicious.  Spicy, it was not.  I put some on the tortillas with a little rice and some of the provided hot sauce (which smelled like hints of chocolate habanero, but didn’t actually taste sufficiently hot enough to be chocolate habanero sauce).  As for the sauce, I’ll give it a medium in heat, because it had a bit of kick to it.  For the rest of the meal, it wasn’t that piquant so I won’t give it a heat rating.  But if I had to, I’d go with mild.  The overall heat capability of this place came out to a Medium.  For flavor, I give it a Nominal.  It’s good food, but it’s not that different from most other state-side Mexican restaurants.

John Scrovak