Posted January 2, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Viva Piquante Spice Mix Review

Viva Piquante Spice MixProduct of Canada

Ingredients: Spices, Sea Salt, Dehydrated (Onion, Garlic, Red Peppers) May contain sulphites as a preservative.

Special Note: As far as I am aware this product is exclusive to Costco for about $20.00. It was purchased at a Costco in Canada.

Packaging: Huge, Monumental, Colourful, Powerful. Standing 18” tall and weighing 300g (10.6oz) this is a beast of a spice shaker.

First impression: Even if this was filled with coloured sand it would still demand respect. There are your grand pepper mills and then there is this. A perfect blend of salt, spices and pepper.

Aroma: Fresh, Attentive

Appearance: Bright, Colourful!

Initial taste and Conclusion: We have had this spice mill for about a year now and it has accompanied almost every dish. From meat dishes, to soups, to pasta, I have never come across a spice mix that can enhance just about everything. In terms of heat it is quite mild, but the savory flavor it adds is grand. Every turn gives you a myriad of flavors that is concise and consistent. The grinder does a magnificent job. If there was one complaint it would be to have a cap that covers the grinding end so you don’t end up with spice particles all over the counter after you use it.

Keep your eye out for this little (big) gem.

Packaging 8/10
Aroma 7/10
Appearance 9/10
Taste 10/10
Heat 4/10

Overall 9/10