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Volcanic Peppers’ Volcano Dusts 2 and 3 (or, this ain’t baking soda and vinegar)

These babies’ll put your nose hairs in the cross hairs if you’re not careful.

I’ve been usin’ the heck out of these dusts lately, and I’m happy, almost downright ecstatic, to report that these are two of my new favorite products which have firmly established themselves in my top 10 of “go to” spicy products. And that’s just the beginning. Volcanic Peppers has a wide horizon of spicy products that I’m anxious to explore, and for those of you who have not tried them, I suggest you do the same. Among their products are Volcano Dusts 1, 2 and 3, with the heat level of each increasing as the numbers do. I decided to zero in on Dusts 2 and 3 because I figured Volcano Dust 1 may be too mild for my taste (and VP was kind enough to include Dust 2 with my original order of Dust 3, the Scorpion powder, and their new Hot Garlic & Onion powder :-) ).

Volcano Dust 2 on the left, and Dust 3 on the right. The more orange color of Dust 2 is most likely due to the presence of habaneros, and the darker red of 3 to the Bhuts, 7 Pots and Scorpions.

First off, Volcano Dust 2 is made from smoked habaneros, red peppers and bhut jolokias, and has a lighter, more orange cast than does the Volcano 3, which has a darker red shade. Its incredible aroma is one of the best things about it, and on aroma alone I would give it 4 1/2 stars out 5. Just imagine the smell of fresh peppers combined with the scent of hickory wood smoke; it truly has to be experienced. To me this is one of the best smells on earth; truly magnifiSCENT. It tastes as good as it smells, and Volcano 2′s flavor meets the high bar set by its aroma. Volcano 2 is vibrant, and smokey (good smokey, like smoked meat good, but peppers), and its spectrum of heat reflects its constituent peppers while they dance on your tongue like little embers fresh from a hickory smoke campfire. Likewise, Volcano Dust 3 also has great aroma and flavor, but with more of an edge. There are subtle taste differences, but on the whole, the heat level increase is the most prominent factor. The 3 is made of smoked Bhut Jolokias, 7 Pot, and Trinidad and Moruga Scorpions.

It’s harder to see the color contrasts in these pics, but I went through the trouble of taking them, so figured I’d still include ‘em in the post.

Like the Volcanic Peppers website proclaims, “The Dust is a Must!,” and it’s a perfect alternative to sauce. It’s light, portable, flavorful, packs heat, and is tremendously versatile; whether on top of food or in recipes. It’s killer in/on burgers, sausage, eggs, pizza, pasta, tacos, whatever you can think of, the Dust will work with your imagination. Last but not least, it also allows for convenience in the kitchen. For instance, with “The Dust” you don’t have to concern yourself with two or more wing glazes when your’re serving wings to a group of people. Simply make your usual recipe, and add Dust 2 or 3 in whatever configuration and amount you prefer after all the wings have been glazed. This gives you the option of adjusting heat level to the various tastes in your group (and I’ve had both of these on wings as a topical “finishing” ingredient, and they’re outstanding in this application). For all these attributes I give both products 4 1/2 stars out of 5, and heartily recommend them to all my Chilehead brothers and sisters!

Pork sandwich topped with Gouda and Volcano Dust 3. The Volcano Dusts go on almost everything, and will elevate pretty much any food you’d normally put sauce on.

Me trying Volcano Dusts 2 and 3 on some Jack Daniel’s barbecue pulled chicken…

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