Posted October 7, 2012 by John Scrovak in Bloggers

Wawa’s Chicken & Mango Salsa Salad

Hey folks, back again with another Scroturday review for you.  It’s not a sauce this time, because I’ve been busy.  How busy, you ask?  Oh just working and saving lives one video at a time.  So I managed to grab a salad (I know, I know, but it has chicken and it’s spicy) from the local gas station.  Here in the north east we have Wawa, which would be equivalent to your Henny Penny, 7-11, etc.  And the salad I grabbed is the relatively new to the market. So, here’s Wawa’s Chicken & Mango Salsa Salad.


Iceberg and Romaine lettuce, seasoned white chicken meat, spicy mango salsa, crispy jalapeno strips, pepperjack cheese.  This came directly from the packaging, because the ingredient list on the bottom of the bowl was too long to retype at my current laziness level.  What do you expect? It’s a salad from a goddamn gas station.


I see my various ingredients cordoned off into their own little concentration camps of flavor and freshness.  This appeases the Scrovak.  I wouldn’t want my crisp, moist mango pieces wilting my lettuce, or my cheese fertilizing my chicken.  The jalapeno chips look delicious though, like deep-fried crinkle-cut jalapenos should be.  I can’t really give you much more of a description than you see in my photos. I mean, it’s a salad.  With the above ingredients.  I put ranch on it.




It’s pretty good, I won’t lie.  The lettuce is crisp, and the chicken is moist.  The mango salsa is unique and piquant, but not too hot to appeal to 99% of Americans.  The cheese is acceptable, though I am of the firm belief there should be a larger quantity given.  The presented cheese is hardly enough to cover my fork, let alone a whole salad.  As previously mentioned, the salsa is good.  Real chunks of mango, enough of them to be seen!  And even moreso, they give it flavor!  Granted, it’s not the best mango salsa I’ve ever had, but cut them some slack, again, it’s a gas station salad.  I wouldn’t recommend it over a home-cooked meal, but it’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve eaten from a gas station.  Heat is mild, flavor is nominal.  It needs more meat and cheese.  But it’s a salad.

John Scrovak