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What Are Your Favorite Defunct Hot Sauces and Brands?

What Are Your Favorite Defunct Hot Sauces and Brands?It’s inevitable in just about any business niche, and there is certainly no exception in the world of fiery foods: flux is constant, and change happens on an almost daily basis.

For chileheads, one very noticeable piece of evidence for this, is that certain hot sauces disappear, or worse, entire companies go out of business.

In the case of the former, it’s usually the obvious case that a particular product did not sell very well.

When it comes to the later, it’s far more complicated to pinpoint why companies up and fold. For vast majority of the cases, it’s that the budding sauce makers have to contend with the stress of having full-time jobs, families, various other extracurricular activities, and quite honestly, having the headache of trying to bankroll a brand new spicy foods company and trying to find time to promote it. Often they actually lose money trying to get their business off the ground. So it’s either sacrifice all their time and money with their other career (that actually pays the bills) and family, or quit. As much as it hurts us hot sauce fanatics, it’s just the cold, hard reality of the world.

So what are YOUR favorite sauces and companies that are no longer available? What are the ones you sorely miss? Let everyone know about them in the comments section below!Copyright 2012

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