Posted January 8, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

What’s for Dinner? A Napalm Burger!

Napalm Burger from Island Burger

After being a bit under the weather (excessive holiday celebrating), I was feeling a bit spry last night and ordered a Napalm Burger from Island Burger. For those of you not in the midtown Manhattan area, Island Burger is this tiny little burger joint that serves up about 100 different burgers and churrascos (chicken sandwiches).

The Napalm Burger comes blackened with cheddar, jalapenos and a generous amount of habanero sauce. The habanero sauce in question is Melinda’s XXX Reserve. How do I know? I asked. The first time I ordered the Napalm Burger I asked the waitress is they made their own habanero sauce and she laughed and proudly brought out a bottle of Melinda’s. But even though Melinda’s isn’t that hot of a sauce, that much of it on a burger combined with jalapenos was still damn tasty. Plus it gaurantees no one asks for a bite…

Nick Lindauer

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