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Which Company Makes the Best Salsa? Enter This Contest and Prove It!

Salsa Contest and the Houston Hot Sauce FestivalI’m posting this for my good friends Al “Buddah” Goldenberg of I Love It Spicy! and Carol Borge of the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.

If you’re a salsa maker, you’ll definitely want to get in on this!

We are sponsoring to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation. The only thing different is that I am buying another 1st place trophy and awarding it to the best fruit-based salsa. I thought with the number of entries we have all ready, it would only be fair to divide the salsas somewhat. I could create several categories, but I do not want to dilute the contest too much. In the end, I want to award some great salsas and give them their recognition. So we will divide the salsas at the show into 2 categories- Fruit-Based & Everything Else. All the same rules apply. If you are attending the show, you still must alert me to what you are entering in the contest prior to the September 1st deadline. Email would be the best way for both of us to keep a record of your entry just in case there is an issue. PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW! You still have more than 3 weeks to get them mailed out in time. If you want to help with the research and assistance for children’s cancer, then you would be helping the Snowdrop Foundation help those who need it. You do not have to enter the contest to help this worthy charity. So give if you can.

In cooperation with promoter extraordinaire Carol Borge…

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