Posted February 13, 2013 by Anthony in Reviews

Wicked Tickle – Ol Smokey

Wicked Tickle - Ol' SmokeyOne thing I have to come realize in the past year or so is that I love meat that has been smoked, though I’m still on the fence about hot sauces having that smokiness. I have had some that are really memorable, and some that I’ve tried to forget. After reading the ingredients I am very skeptical about this sauce, to say the least. However, I love the name the and really dig the label, and all of the bottles have a pseudo road sign with subtle changes to go along with each sauce (this one has a smoke cloud over a guy’s head).


Vinegar, Apple Wood Smoked Garlic, Apple Wood Smoked Onion, Tomato, Apple Wood Smoked Jalapeno, Chipotle, Apple Wood Smoked Serrano, Salt, Xanthum Gum




Let’s jump right into this!  What hits me first is the vinegar, not overpowering though, and then the garlic comes through along with the smoke.  By itself you really get the smoky flavor, vinegar, garlic and tomato. This has a medium to thick consistency, and definitely goes well with leftover pork butt! Come to think of it, it kinda reminds me of a BBQ sauce in sauce with smoke.  I give this sauce a Mild for heat and a Flavor profile teetering between Nominal and Nice.  This hot sauce gets me thinking about different foods, which is a good sign for any product.