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Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Chocolate Habanero Sauce

Whassup my chilli padawanz?? Well its been a hot week, but now back to some nice, crappy english weather..lets hope it clears up before the GREAT DORSET CHILLI FESTIVAL!! Which is this weekend coming btw, 4th and 5th of August!! BE THERE!!

The sauce I’m reviewing today is actually making its limited edition debut at the GDCF this weekend, what a happy coincidence!! The sauce comes from a company that needs no introduction, the Wiltshire Chilli Farm, run by Jamie Sythes! Relatively new to the game, they have nonetheless brought out some cracking sauces over the past few years, and this one is no different!

Ingredients: Choc Habanero (40%), Cider Vinegar, Tomato, Brown Sugar, Raw Cacao, Salt, Spices.

As you can see, a relatively small list of ingredients, with the choc habanero itself being the main one! Btw, for those that don’t know, please don’t mistake the “Chocolate” part of any chilli name as anything sweet and chocolatey, what it refers to is the colour, and let me tell you…most “chocolate” anything in the chilli world is DEATH ON A STICK!!

This particular sauce follows Jamie’s latest trend of creating a sauce that is ALL about the chilli itself, and therefore he only puts them with ingredients that would help the chilli flavour come out of the sauce and hit you hard, and that is exactly what it does….

As you just witnessed, this is one tasty but BLOODY HOT sauce, the full flavour and fire of the “Chocolate” Habanero is very, VERY thoroughly represented in this one (I put the term “Chocolate” in inverted comma’s because as a chocoholic i personally resent anything that deals out this much hot death being called “Chocolate”, grrrr).

C.Chinense - Chocolate Habanero

The heat of this one actually took me by surprise, and I *think* it may well be the hottest I have tasted from the Wiltshire Chilli Farm, seeing as they don’t use extract in any of their sauces it also means that while being bloody hot, it doesn’t also taste of shit to boot, in fact it tastes bloody lovely!

You will be able to pick this up at the GDCF THIS WEEKEND!!! OMFG THIS WEEKEND IS THE GREAT DORSET CHILLI FESTIVAL!!??? DARTH WHY DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING??? *ahem* my apologies for that little outburst there, the sauce will be £4 for a 100ml bottle, or you can get it discounted as part of Jamie’s 3 for £10 offer that he does especially for festivals, and at that sort of price, you can’t afford NOT to!

Right, I will hopefully see a ton of you this weekend, where at I hear you ask? yes THE GREAT DORSET CHILLI FESTIVAL OF COURSE!! So hopefully I’ll see you all there, and for those that I don’t, well then may the sauce be with you, always!!!



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