Posted August 28, 2012 by James in Bloggers

Win a Year’s Supply of Tabanero

Want to win a year’s supply of Tabanero? You know you do!

What if I told you that could happen just by buying a bottle?
That’s right! It’s that easy!

Actually there’s two way to win. The first way is obviously to buy a bottle of Tabanero hot sauce or bloody mary mix. (In fact, you get one entry for EVERY bottle you buy in the month of August.) The second way to win is to answer the question, “What Would You Do With A Year’s Supply of Tabanero?” via social media. (Answers have to be posted on Tabanero’s Facebook or Twitter, and have Tabanero tagged in the post.) Got it? If so, then get buy some Tabanero or answer that question! If not, then go to their post about the contest and read the fine print. You had better hurry though! You have to buy a bottle by this Friday (August 31st) to be entered for the September 14th drawing!