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Review: Quaker Steak and Lube Atomic Wing Sauce


Posted November 24, 2007 by

Atomic Wing Sauce
Quaker steak and lube atomic wing sauce
My first impression of this sauce from the bottle was that it was a novelty sauce and probably wouldn’t be that hot. it comes in a medicine bottle and the sauce itself has an eye dropper very similar to pur-cap. Pur-cap however is an extract and I can understand the eye dropper, this is a wing sauce what am I supposed to do put one drop of sauce onto my wings? Dilute it maybe? It also has a waver that I’m supposed to sign and mail to them before eating it. how am I supposed to take that seriously, if it truly needs a waver they had better have you sign it when they sell it or people just wont do it. I took a look at the ingredients and it gets even better, the number one top of the list ingredient is Tabasco sauce. It has a breakdown of what is in Tabasco sauce, spices and then another hot sauce with a breakdown of what is in it. vinegar, salt, garlic, and some preservatives. So it basically sounds like they mixed other people’s sauces together added a few things and sold it as there own. If that’s the case how did they not get sued by Tabasco who seems to sue anybody and everybody they can?

I did some research and got this from their site. “The “cult” following of its wings, spurred by an imaginative promotional schedule, has made Quaker Steak and Lube immensely popular with families, couples and singles alike. Everyone from two to eighty-two loves The LUBE! Truckloads of chicken wings arrive daily from the nation’s top chicken processors, and Tabasco(R) and Frank’s RedHot(R) sauce are purchased in 55-gallon drums.” I don’t make hot sauce and I don’t know anything about the legal works of it so I’m just going to forget about it, what do I care anyway. I’m more concerned with the taste. It claims to be between 100,000-300,000 scoville heat units so maybe it wont be so bad after all. The second hot sauce listed in the ingredients does have pepper extract listed in the breakdown. I cracked it open and licked the side of the dropper.

My first impression was that it was more of a steak sauce because it had a very bold flavor with just a little tanginess from the vinegar. It wasn’t that hot so I set the dropper aside and poured it over my wings in a bowl then shook them up and served them with blue cheese dressing. The smell of the sauce on the hot wings was a lot more vinegary than the taste. But even being warmed up the flavor of vinegar was never an issue while eating the wings. It had just the right amount of tanginess to it, and was actually pretty good. it is definitely different than most wing sauces I have had in the past, which is a good thing. Even though its not my favorite and does not have enough heat for my likings it is something different after eating the same old wing sauces all the time. It would probably go really good on a steak because the flavor of it reminds me of steak sauce, and it didnt have that really buttery flavor to it that most wing sauces have to really set them apart from hot sauces.

Atomic Wing Sauce

Atomic Wing Sauce

Ingredients: Tabasco sauce (vinegar, aged red pepper, salt) hot sauce (cayenne red peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic), spices, hot sauce (tomato paste, water, pepper extract, vinegar, sugar, molasses, soy sauce) vinegar, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate, less that 0.1% sodium benzoate added as a preservative, salt, and garlic.Note: I realize that there are some typing errors in the ingredient list, that is how the bottle is so I didn’t feel the need to change them.

Smell: 5/10

Taste: 7/10 I like that it is so different than all the other wing sauces out there, but it almost doesn’t seem like it should be put on wings its so different.

Heat: 5/10 the medicine bottle and eye dropper and waver that I never completed and sent in before eating are purely a novelty, the heat isn’t that bad. Price: the website has it listed for 5.99 and I would say that is a decent price for it

Overall: 5.7/10

Quaker Steak and Lube
101 Chestnut Street
Sharon, PA 16146





    This was a sauce that was made as part of the NASCAR circuit, as they have many restaurants around the country. the name of the restaurants are called that also. There is one in near Jim Campbells
    in Cinn. OH. They are called Quarker Steak & Lub


    Nice Job! I am a total wing addict and this review told me everything i would want to know about a wing sauce before I bought or did not buy it.


    Hoping CaJohn jumps in here, though at the moment he’s pretty covered up with working shows.

    Seems to me he had a pretty strong connection to these folks at one time. I thought he’d made a sauce or two for them as I recognize the name from discussions with him about ingredients.


    I might have had their wings when I was up in the Pittsburgh area, but I am not sure because it was many years ago. There were a few wings places up in that region.

    John S.

    So I take it the 150,000 SVU is a gross exaggeration?

    I’ve eaten at then Quaker Steak and Lube in Beavercreek, Ohio. I’m not a big fan. The wings are okay, I had the hot since I was sharing with other non-chiliheads, and they weren’t good enough to make me come back. But I did wonder if the atomic really lived up to the 150,000 SVU advertised.

    The other food on the menu is nothing special, either – pretty average burgers and sandwiches with below-par fires.


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    I eat at Quaker Steak and Lube every Tuesday in Concord, NC with a group of about 15 guys. Their wings and everything else for that matter is OK. They have many flavors of wings, most of which I don’t like. The kitchen staff and managers use my Habanero Reserve on their personal wings instead of their own sauces. The best thing this place has is onion rings. Neat place, but marginal food.


    I’ve also been to “The Lube” several times, both here in Columbus and up in Cleveland. I agree with Steve above that the food is pretty marginal. Even the wings are ones I would put into the “average” category, and I think their Suicide wings (at 30,000 SHU) are the best-tasting. The super-mega-hot (Atomic) wings are really nothing all that special, either in heat or taste. What’s ruined the Lube for me has been the service. Each time we’ve been there, it’s been a different version of atrocious.


    This sauce is hotter than 5/10!!!! I’d give it around an 8.


    The Atomic shown above is made by Garden Row (Pure Cap), the Atomic served at “The Lube” is made with Endorphin Rush. I did some things with the local one here in Columbus, but that was some time ago. The sauces in the bottles and the ones on the wings they serve are hugely different.


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    when i read the ingredients the one sauce that was broken down made me think of endorphine rush but i never compared the two, i hated endorphine rush when i had it but still have the empty bottle. ill compare them when i get home but i think thats the version i have not the pur cap.


    now, we know that a good iron city beer would help with these hot sauces. Anyway, great blog! I am a hot sauce fanatic; the spicier, the better.


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    Welcome to the group Mike.


    I love the atomic sauce when served at the Lube. the restaurant atomic is much hotter than the shelf stable medicine droppers. The new Thai sauce is my new favorite. Love the place!


    I was just in Erie, PA for a trip with my family. The kids loved the restaurant, it was a cool place for the entire family, I enjoyed the wings size and flavor. I am new to all things fiery, I am enjoying different places and new sauces for my wings. I like bold flavors and I looking for places closest for me to go to we live near Buffalo but the Canadian side, any ideas where to go to expand my horizons?


    Doesn’t The restaurant have some kind of prize if you eat so many of their hottest wings? If so, from the sounds of this reviiw, it may not be that tough.


    I ate at The Lube today and had only 3 atomic wings. I’m into hot foods and all, and I have to say that they were definitely hotter than a 5. It was pretty blazing to me.

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