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Review: Captain Sponge Foot Trading Co. Original-Wing Sauce


Posted September 25, 2007 by

I’ve been a buffalo chicken wing freak ever since the days of The Airways Hotel in Buffalo, NY. Seems they stumbled upon a hot wing sauce by accident and the rest is history.

Chances are, if you don’t reside in Colorado, you probably haven’t heard of the Captain Sponge foot Trading Company. Their sauces have been handcrafted there, since 1995. Shame on this company for not marketing and targeting the rest of the country. Their Original-Wing Sauce is as good as a wing sauce can be! With a little marketing, their products could be everywhere and trust me, they would sell.

Lets take a look at packaging. Their 2 bottle Colorado gift pack consists of a 5 oz. bottle of Chipotle-Table Sauce and a 5 oz. bottle of Original-Wing Sauce. Notice how the “CO” (Chipotle and Original) on the labeling stands for Colorado. Coincidence? I doubt it. The labeling is extremely good, in fact, has won several awards.

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
After a little research, we learn that this gift set won 1st place in the Scovie Awards for full product packaging and 3rd place for product label for the Chipotle-Table Sauce. (I will review this sauce at a later date). Both awards were in 2005.

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
Very impressive labels. Good quality, non-gimmicky and all around just plain good.

Captain Sponge Foot’s motto is “fry or bake, sauce and shake”.

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Sriracha Pepper, Chipotle Pepper, Water, Vinegar, Clarified Butter, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Natural Flavors and Spices, Corn Starch.

I really like this line up of ingredients. My first aroma after opening this sauce up was from the smoked Jalepeno’s or Chipotle peppers. Smokey, with a hint of garlic (probably from the Srirachi pepper). I found that Srirachi is actually thai chilies mixed with garlic and sugar. It is named after Sriracha Harbor, the largest private port on the Eastern Coast of Thailand, not far from Bangkok. I did notice a hint of tang, but not really from vinegar. It was mild and mellow.

Using Clarified Butter in the ingredients is brilliant. Clarified Butter doesn’t burn easily and really adds sweetness and texture.

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
I prefer to very lightly dust my wings with flour, but it would not be necessary with The Original-Wing Sauce. The consistancy is quite good and would stick without any cooking medium.

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
As you can see, the appearance of The Original-Wing Sauce is a deep red, with bits and pieces of peppers visible. I get a feeling that there is some tomato in this sauce but it is not listed. The texture is perfect. I’ve added just 1/2 tablespoon of real butter to the sauce and once the wings were done, tossed them in the sauce and served them with celery and blue cheese dressing.

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company Original Wing Sauce
Folks, I’ve got to tell you. Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company has a great Original-Wing Sauce. The taste is better than the original Airways Buffalo Wings. Spicy heat, about a 6 on my scale and true chipotle flavor with garlic and some sweetness. It is all there. Come on Captain Sponge Foot, take your Original-Wing Sauce and set sail farther East. We need ya.

Packaging 10
Appearance 10
Aroma 9
Taste 9.5
Heat 6
Overall 9.5

Captain Sponge Foot Trading Company, Inc.
2222 County Road 57
Granby, CO 80446





    Nice Review Steve! Those wings look amazing!


    I second that, those wings look so tasty. After you deep fried them then you just slathered with sauce? We have a pot of gumbo to eat up but I think on Thursday the forecast calls for wings. Hey, if sriracha is an ingredient and it is made up of more than one component it needs to list all parts of the whole. In descending order it needs to list out chiles, sugar, garlic and any other ingredients. Great review, I will have to try these sauces.


    Spongebob hotsauces?


    Those wings sure do look yummy but can I ask why you added more butter to the sauce before coating the wings in it? You mentioned the sauce has clarified butter in the inredients already. Do you just LOVE butter? Do you have a butter addiction??? lol Or did the sauce need it?


    [Comment ID #112391 Quote]

    Kristi, don’t badger the boy over a bit of butter. Bet if you took a big bite of one of them buttered buffalo wings you’d bolt to the store down the block in a bit and and buy yourself a big old bottle!?


    [Comment ID #112391 Quote]

    Geeez, never heard of a butter fetish? Where you been?

    Actually, the sauce did not need any more butter. I take all the pics, then do the review. The pics were done two weeks ago and I completed the review just a few days ago. I ended up using all the sauce so I couldn’t go back and have a do over. My bad.


    [Comment ID #112398 Quote]

    Not badgering, actually quite the opposite. Being a HUGE fan of the old artery clogging butter myself, I was merely curious as to whether or not the sauce really needed it or if he was just a bit of a glutton like myself!


    [Comment ID #112400 Quote]

    Do you churn your own?


    [Comment ID #112405 Quote]



    Why didn’t my smilie work? What the………..


    Nothin bad about it, was a great review Steve, I’m still hungry and I read the review hours ago.


    [Comment ID #112413 Quote]

    No space between the period and the smilie like this……….:roll:

    Should be like this ………….. (space) 🙄

    I think. 😉


    Yep, that was it. 😀

    Hope that made sense.

    And I’m still confused about the butter too. But I’m always confused, so nevermind. 😉


    [Comment ID #112412 Quote]

    Kristi, it’s ok if you do. Statistics say that 85% of all women churn their own butter and the other 15% are lying about it.


    Those wings do look great but I have been spoiled by a particular manufactors sauce for wings for a few years now! It is the cross I have to bear, I guess. 😆


    [Comment ID #112435 Quote]

    The humanity of it all! LOL!

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