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Review – DEFCON #2 & #1


Posted January 18, 2006 by

a poor picture
Packaging: Sweet and something different. Both the #2 and #1 are packaged what I think are small ‘old school’ liquid medicine bottles. The label and logo are ideal for the product. Each lid is covered with one layer of wax, aka. Blair’s Reserve style. The #2 was signed by a silver ink pen by the Creator and numbered in code on the bottom of the bottle. I think that adds an awesome personal touch. Both bottles have the same ingredients list (Peppers, Vinegar, Butter, Salt, Spices), but you’ll notice through tasting that #1 adds extract. (Which IS written on the front #1 label.) The #2 sauce is 8 oz and the # 1 is a mere 4 oz. I do not think any changes should be made to the packaging (well, maybe just more sauce) and thus give these two a close to perfect 9 out of 10. As a collector, it’s a unique addition. I almost hated cutting into the wax to open a bottle…but it’s fun to pretend it’s like how opening an expensive Blair’s Reserve would be.

Coloring/Temperament: Love it. Pours only after shaking the bottle. Orange in color. #1 is darker in color and more difficult to completely blend due to the small bottle. Regardless, these are attractive sauces. Wonderful scent too. Make sure you refrigerate both of these; they contain dairy products. 10 out of 10.

Consistency: Both are faultless; thick enough to get a sufficient amount in every bite. #1 shows some oil around the sauce when left to settle. I assume it’s the oil from the extract. 10 out of 10.

Heat: Wow and WoAhh. #2 is an impeccably created wing (and lamb) sauce. Buttery heat, just enough for ALL, and I mean ALL to enjoy a flavor filled buttery-tasting hot sauce. The #2 is perfect to award everybody to a delicious heat. NO, #2 is NOT chillehead hot. It’s a pleasant heat; and heavenly. I personally love the #2 heat level, mostly due to the buttery taste. #2 heat is not too hot for the average Tabasco user, actually it’s better! BUT, the #1 IS heat filled. Not too overly ‘extracted’; the flavor is still apparent. I’d just say not to give your grandma some DEFCON #1. 24 out of 25

Taste: I had my ex-girlfriend taste some Defcon Condition 2; she LOVED it. Her exact quote was, “This is how hot sauce should taste.” #2 is THE perfect wing sauce. It’s a lovely taste of buttery goodness. It lacks the overly ‘black pepper’ taste of Wing Time, but that’s what makes it so lip-smacking. Condition #1 is HOT. I think it loses that heavenly taste only to add that hot heat heads are looking for.

The DEFCON Creator has done a miraculous job and he really knows his material. You’ll really learn some stuff from his posts on www.thehotpepper.com.

The Creator at work!!
If you haven’t tried these sauces, you would only be doing yourself a flavor in buying some! DEFCON #2Wing Sauce will be added to my all time favorites (replacing Wing Times Super Hot.)

Packaging 9/10
Coloring / Temperament 10/10
Consistency 15/15
Heat 24/25
Taste 39/40
Overall 97 /100

Enjoy Life

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    EXCELLENT Review. I couldn’t agree more!

    DEFCON 2 is the perect wing sauce for ALL. DEFCON 1 kicks it up a notch – not crazy hot (like people around here can handle), but definitely a nice kick. I find that I mix the two for my guests that can’t handle the ONE but need more than the TWO.

    EVERYONE should try both of these…


    Day after day I hear how great these sauces are. Time to get some! Great Review!!!


    Since she’s your EX – why didn’t you have her try the #1?


    Not only are these the best wing sauces available, but John & Maggie (the Creator) are the genuinely the nicest people you will ever deal with. Keep up the good work….


    Nice to see that other reviews essentially agree with ours as far as the DEFCON sauces go. Great minds think alike…LOL!


    Man, I think I’m going to blush. Wait…Nope, it was just gas. LOL! Thanks for the review. I hope to meet most of you at the Fiery Foods show in March, the picture above proves I’ll be a hard one to miss.


    I gots to get some of dat!!!!
    nick,here comes an order!


    Butter in a hot sauce? sounds delicious. Must lather my bread with it.


    “The Creator” will be at St. James Gate in Maplewood, NJ on Sunday Jan 22. It should be a blast. I can’t wait! I’ll be having a few jars (Guinness) with some Defcon wings.


    I was going until my wife got tickets to “Disnet Princesses on Ice” at the Nassau Coliseum (why couldn’t I have boys). So now I’ll miss football, beer, and free wings. Life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes.

    Still trying to talk her into going to the show in March……


    Huvason, man oh man, Disney Princesses on Ice…I’d be throwing the rope over the rafters right now. When she’s ready to go, tell her you have a nasty case of the trots, and then sneak out after she’s gone. If she’s home before you, tell her you had to meet the Creator for a cure.


    Very Funny!

    I figure that you are only about 50 miles from the Nassau Coliseum on LI.

    Maybe if I told I will meet her there…..



    Now your thinking!!! The shindig goes from 1-6, what time do the Princesses take the ice?


    Princesses at 7:30. The wife already said, in no uncertain terms, that a painful death would result from me going to your event.

    I’m still working on getting your sauce to to that bar manager out here on LI. The problem is that I used the bottles I was going to give him (they were a big hit at my wifes cocktail party).

    I’ll have to jump on line and buy another ONE and TWO today.

    Good luck with the show this weekend.



    Thanks John, sorry you’re going to miss it. WAIT A MINUTE!!! You said the sauces were a huge hit at HER cocktail party, well, maybe you can play that card afterall. Explain to her that a painful death at her hands on your part would upset the capsaicin-based homunculus that lives in my crisper, but if you attended, SHE would reap the rewards of her kindness, and be the hit at her future cocktail parties for eternity. Kind of a reach, but I think it’s worth a try.


    Or you could go the passive aggressive route and stop by for wings before the show – get some to go and then eat them while watchin mice on ice.


    Not wanting to put a damper onl all the great banter, but….

    My cousin and I have a fail-safe method that always keeps us out of trouble with the wives. It’s a tough one to accomplish. To begin this practice requires an assistant to watch your back at all times, e.g. cousin & self. When the assistant observes the other resisting the wife over a situation that will undoubtably cause enduring discomfort for the male counterpart, it’s his job to stroll by nonchalantly and whisper these words…..

    “Just shut up and sign the check”!

    This “back to reality” method works every time. In due time you’ll come to “visualizing the assistant” instead of him actually being there. Over the last several years we’ve managed to save each other from countless “painful deaths” as stated by havason. [:-)


    And here I thought I’d only learn about hot sauces!
    I’m giving up on the local show (i’ll go to the next one), and shooting for the National show in NM.



    LOL! I swear it works!


    AFTERNOON Update (I should have my own Blog!)

    Good News: The wife approved the trip to NM to the show! (Ywahhh…. for about 5 seconds).

    Bad News: We have something else that weekend (my girls are Baton Twirlers and they have a competition that weekend (read previous post where I wish I had Boys!).

    More Good News: 95% chance of me going to drink with the CREATOR in NJ this Sunday. My wife is going to try and get one of my Daughters friends to go to the Pricesses on Ice Show. If she can, looks like i’m a free man.

    More Bad News…. Cost me a trip to the Bahamas.

    Creator, HAnging out with you had better be worth a trip to the Bahamas!



    AND… I forgot to add. I’ll probably still get screwed and not get a bottle of Batch #2 of ZERO.



    Wow. Oh well, there will be other days (sighing in abject disbelief).

    I kind of have another view of MSK’s philosophy. Having my wife as the company’s CEO (The Defcon Createss), I get to tell her to write the checks. Albeit it would be hard to fire her for not doing so. Ahhh the trials and tribulations the male species must endure…


    Someone make sure to send in pics of the Defcon Event.


    If I go I’ll bring a camera – but i’m not sure how many picutres I’ll be able to take……. I only have 2 hands, one with a drink in each… and the wings…..

    The wife just said I AM allowed to go.



    I just want to add this comment to make it a “popular.” I love all the off topic comments.

    Wish I could join yinz all at The Master Creator’s tasting show. One thing I know, I’d drink you all under the table.


    Good news John. You’ll have a ball, not to mention all the wings you can eat!


    Oh yeah, and you can purchase all the sauce you want with NO shipping charges!


    Any phone number for this plasce – for when I get lost?
    As far as shipping, between gas and tools it would be cheaper to order online! See you tomorrow.

    For the reast of you:


    Think I got it:
    (973) 378-2222

    I LOVE google maps!



    Creator – how did it go?
    Sorry didn’t make it, but got stuck working (just finished as we speak – one of my clients got hit with a virus outbreak).

    Hope it went well. DEfinitely will make the next one…..



    The DEFCON Day was definitely a hit. Mad Reilly showed, and even got a picture of his little one with the Creator. We’ll be having many more of these, as they are gaining in popularity more than expected. Hope to see more of you guys next time around. We haven’t come up with a date for it yet, but stay tuned…


    GREAT – Glad it was a hit. I’m mad I didn’t get to go, but I look forward to the next one. Will be placing my order with you later today (guess I need to pay that pesky shipping now!)



    The Defcon Day was the best. My wife and JR. and my self had a great day. It couldn’t have been in a better place. Hot wings and traditional Irish music, I was in heaven! The Defcon Wings were awesome. I can see why the Creator is getting some Scovies. I’m (and the Misses and especially JR.) are true Decon Fans. In the confusion though, I owe The Creator and the Creator’s Creator a pint. JR. and the Misses (she’s pregnant) were getting antsy. Great Day though looking forward to the next one. New Mexico look out!


    Just got some Defcon 2 in from that ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE store Sweat ‘n Spice. (like the plug nick?)
    OMG!!!! This stuff is incredible. I just might have to show my “O” face!!

    Dear Creator, please don’t ever post the fat grams of this little nectar of the gods. I don’t want to feel gilty about comsuming mass quantites of this stuff.

    Oh,did I mention I liked it?


    Hmmm, you may be right. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for exploding scales across the nation. LOL!!!


    three months later, this sauce still freaking kicks the azs out of any wing sauce anywhere in the world.

    BUY THIS sauce NOW and be BLOWN away!


    [Comment ID #33597 Quote]
    Thanks Thak. I’ll be kickin’ the turkey fryer on tomorrow…Havin’ a bunch of people over for the hockey game.


    [Comment ID #33833 Quote]

    I bought wings for the office today – had to bring some DEFCON TWO and DEFCON ONE in of course. Made a bunch of “tough guys” cry with the ONE. Boy I wish I had some ZERO I could actually open 🙂


    [Comment ID #33838 Quote]

    almost did huvason, the training ZERO. but now Creator knows you dont need it cause you are a professional 😉


    [Comment ID #33839 Quote]

    Got my Black Mamba today. Made a pretty good dent in it – definitely hot, but I went back for more 🙂 Had chicken with a good 4-5 big drops on it – no doubt VERY HOT.

    Found a new favorite. Three Hot Tamales steak Sauce with Black Mamba – very good flavor and heat that way.

    stay tuned for TALON Pizza. Practicing for when you come over Chris!


    [Comment ID #33839 Quote]

    Oh yeah – remember practice makes perfect. I NEED that training bottle if I am going to do a whole wing! even professionals strike out!


    [Comment ID #33840 Quote]

    WOW, what a combo. THT and CaJohns, ruined their sauce with Mamba…LOL!!!

    I’m proud to be associated!!!

    Huv, I’ve got to have some of that Talon pizza!!!


    [Comment ID #33838 Quote]
    Like I said, we will be releasing some “regular” ZERO, un-numbered and unsigned on Sept. 9 at the Hillsborough shindig. Good things come to those who wait.


    [Comment ID #33842 Quote]
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. A training bottle would take all the fun out of it. 🙂


    [Comment ID #33941 Quote]

    I know – just busting your chops! I’ve added a few for the trip to hillsborough – at least they say they are going now, 5 of us in total.


    The more the merrier, and remember, bring your appetites. Last year they had about 30 of the professional smokers teams show up. Man, just inhaling the air made you hungry.


    When are your holding an event in Pittsburgh?


    Hmmm, a bit of a hike for us, but it would be considered. Hell, I’m one of the biggest Steeler fans you’ll find.


    I’ll take you to a game!


    Hmmm, very tempting. However, there are logistics to be taken into consideration. Where are we setting up, where do I ship the sauces, what is the approx. number for a turnout, does the place know they supply the wings, etc.

    Do you have a place in mind for this?

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