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Review: Suck Creek Wing Sauce


Posted February 24, 2006 by

Suck Creek Wings

Product Q&A

What’s in the jar?
Ingredients: Vinegar, Tabasco Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Other Spices & Margarine.

How long have you been in business? How many products do you have?
We’ve been in business for 4 months now, only have the one product now but we’re planning to branch out in the future.

How ‘hot’ are your products?
Hot enough to please everyone, but not so hot to run people off.

Have you won any awards? Which ones? Dates?
Chattanooga Kickin’ Chicken Hot Wing Cook Off – Best Wings in Chattanooga, TN 10/05

How did you start making hot products?
We (John and Dave) have always shared a passion for all things spicy, especially Buffalo style [tag]chicken wings[/tag]. Our love of wings and desire to create a sauce that was both full of flavor and heat led us to the kitchen, where we spent many hours perfecting our craft. The result of those long hours is an award-winning Suck Creek [tag]Wing Sauce[/tag], recently voted Chattanooga’s best, which delivers the perfect combination of flavor and spice.

“As we get started, we welcome everyone to join us in our journey. Tell your friends and family about us. Feel free to let us know what you think about any of our products. Honest feedback will only make us better and, don’t worry about our feelings, we’re big boys”

What’s with the name?
The name really came about on a whim. When we entered the Chattanooga Wings Contest we didn’t have anything in mind. They called us back a few days later and said they needed a name ASAP for the advertising. We put our heads together and came up with it post haste as more of a joke than anything. We went on to win the contest and the rest is history.

Suck Creek is a part of the Tennessee River near where we live. My wife hated it, but she doesn’t like hot sauce either so what does she know.

Suck Creek Wing Sauce

Sometimes the most simple packaging is the best & most eye catching. Can you name any other brands that are packaged in a mason jar? I dig it. Clean and simple packaging – letting the sauce shine and show it’s true flavor.

First Taste: Prior to heating, I tasted some of the sauce – straight off the finger. Bold flavor – the aftertaste reminded me of Italian dressing for some reason.

Smell: I gently heated the Suck Creek Sauce and tossed in a couple of Hot Wings. The smell of the sauce still reminds me of Italian salad dressing – must be the margarine/vinegar combo going on.

On Wings: You really don’t have any idea how dirty a keyboard can get when your eating wings as you write a review.

Suck Creek Wings

Good news: Suck Creek Wing Sauce doesn’t suck. It’s definately better then plain ole Franks & Butter, but there’s something going on with the margarine in the sauce that caused the seperation you can see in the image above. Heating the sauce did bring it together a bit, but not by much.

The sauce itself has a good balance of flavor despite the seperation & it does stick to the wings (deep fried) very well. The Habaneros provide a decent bite of heat, but they are evenly matched by the remaining ingredients to create a smokey finish for your palate. With a little recipe refinement and a good bit of marketing Suck Creek Wing Sauce could go quite far in the hot wing sauce world. Give it a whirl and send John & Dave your feedback.

Wake Up Your Wings Suck Creek Style
1. Heat sauce in pan over low heat until luke warm. Do not overheat.
2. Prepare chicken wings however you prefer. At Suck Creek [tag]Wings[/tag] we recommend grilling until done and then flash fry to crisp.
3. When wings are done, drop them in the sauce for 3-5 minutes allowing them to soak up the love.
4. Enjoy with a cold beverage of your choice.

Contact Information
Suck Creek Wings

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog

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    we will have to try, it will be the great defcon/kickin’ chicken taste off
    let the fryers begin!!!!

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