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World's Most Expensive Hot Sauce


Go First Class or Don’t Go At All, Gourmet Sauce Distributor Says

REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE – To kick off their Holiday gift sales season, Peppers.com’s president and spokesperson, Chip Hearn announced that his international specialty sauce distribution company now sells the world’s most expensive bottle of commercially available spice sauce.

Priced regularly at $5.99 per bottle, Cackalacky (pronounced “kak-a-lak-ee”) Spice Sauce is a unique all-natural table condiment that is made with sweet southern yams, aged chiles, and burgundy wine. The special five-ounce autographed Cackalacky Collector’s Bottle from The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company’s Single-Batch Private Reserve Stock weighs in at a whopping $98,786 and is signed personally by the specialty sauce company’s self-appointed “Ambassador of Good Taste,” Page Skelton.

Hearn said that “It’s fitting to partner with The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company and Page Skelton to make this very special offer because the whole concept is in keeping with our Peppers.com philosophy to ‘Go first class or don’t go at all.’ That’s why Peppers.com is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the ‘world’s largest hot sauce collection.’ And that’s also why we are the official distributors of the original Cackalacky flavor. It’s the best tasting spice sauce commercially available.”

As a part of the special autographed Cackalacky Collector’s Bottle offer, Page & Chip and the international award-winning Cackalacky Cookout Crew will also deliver the signed bottle right to the customer’s doorstep personally and they will throw a “Cackalacky Pig Pickin’” in honor of the buyer and 100 of their friends. Skelton said, “Hey – you can’t spend that much money on five ounces of Cackalacky Spice Sauce and not have one helluva party! That’s the whole reason you buy the bottle!”

Hearn added that Skelton, who he says is becoming “somewhat of a cult luminary in the sauce world,” responded very enthusiastically to the Cackalacky Collector’s Bottle idea. “It started out as a joke, really. And Page just ran with it. He is the wildest wild man in all of sauce-dom! Besides being a really innovative chef and the champion of Cackalacky’s unique ‘un-hot sauce’ position, he’s the guy who invented Cackalacky Spiced Barbecued Ice Cream and Cackalacky Spiced Chicken Lollipops for goodness sakes! What self-respecting bajillionaire wouldn’t pay a hundred grand to hangout with a guy like that for a whole day?”

Also, as part of the special Cackalacky Spice Sauce Collector’s Bottle offer, the Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based Cackalacky Crew will show up at the location of the buyer’s choice (in domestic U.S. locations only) with their pig cookers, The Cackalacky Ramblers (the official Cackalacky “house band”), and throw a genuine Cackalacky Pig Pickin’ for the customer and a gathering of their very best friends. The Cackalacky Collector’s Bottle Pig Pickin’ Menu includes traditional Cackalacky Cookout fare: Hickory-Smoked “Whole Hogs;” Fire Roasted Chicken Thighs; Cackalacky Chicken Lollipops, Cole Slaw; Hush Puppies; Brunswick Stew; Cackalacky Hash; Baked Beans ala Cackalacky; Corn Bread; Cackalacky Spiced Pumpkin Pie; Cackalacky Spiced Barbecue Ice Cream; Sweet Tea; and what Hearn calls “copious amounts of Beer.”

Skelton and the Cackalacky Cookout Crew have cooked all around the country on the American competition barbecue circuit, as well as for star-studded venues such as NFL’s Official Super Bowl Tailgate Party. And, more recently, they have appeared on a multitude of celebrated TV shows such as the Food Network’s “BBQ With Bobby Flay” and a special Rachael Ray episode, Comedy Central’s “Insomniac,” and Outdoor Life Network’s “BBQ All Star Showdown,” ABC’s “The Tony Danza Show,” etc.

Skelton concluded, “Hey, there are folks out there who want the best culinary experience that money can buy. And we honestly believe that Cackalacky’s original Spice Sauce always gives you that mouthwatering flavor experience. But, if you want to give that special somebody something extra, extra, extraordinary, you can give ‘em The Cackalacky Collector’s Bottle from Peppers.com – and give ‘em the ultimate Cackalacky thrill of a lifetime!”

The World’s Most Expensive Hot Sauce

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