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Yes Peaz – Peaz In Our Time – A pea based Snack!!

Yes PeazHere is a little snack product that is surprisingly hard to put down.. dried peas, yes dried peas.

These are not the little green bullets that you have to rehydrate, I think the older ones amongst us will remember them as ammo for our pea shooters.  These peas are crisp and crunchy  little critters that won’t shatter you teeth.

Now they come from our old friends Hot-Headz who are found us some interesting snacks in the past, but oddly for them, these one are not that hot, they do contain a small amount of chilli oil, enough to start a tingle, but these peas are additive because of the combination of Garlic, Chilli and Salt and if you like peas then I have to tell you there is also a nice flavour of peas as they rehydrate in your mouth.

Ingredients: Green Peas 95%, Palm Oil 2%, Salt 1%, Garlic 1%, Seasoning (Garlic Powder) 0.8%, Chilli Oil 0.2%, Colours E102 and  E133.

Packet kindly provided by Hot-Headz

If you love peas, then this little 35g pack will be a complete winner, it may even get those odd’ pea hater’ converted (You know who you are), and at 69p for a pack they will not break the bank

I do wonder if this counts as part of my 5 a day, I think 35g is about a portion of peas, and you can snack away telling people these must be better for you that crisps? (I am not sure it is true).

I can see these little packs going down a bomb is in a bar/pub trade, they are very unusual and and just the right size/price combination.



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