Posted September 12, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

You Put Hot Sauce on That?

For all the unheathly things in my diet (White Chocolate Chunk Cookies) there are a few shining moments when my heart and waistline scream “Thank You!”
Case in point: When at the office, I typically grab a salad for lunch. Nothing fancy, just some romaine with onions, beans, maybe a protien (chicken or tuna) and no dressing. Everytime I get a salad the checkout lady says:
“No Dressing?” (as if I forgot the first 20 times)
Me: “Nope – don’t need it”
Her: “What you mean?
Me: “I have some hot sauce to put on it”
Her: “Hot sauce on salad? Man there must be something wrong with you”
Me: “Probably, but you should try it out”

So as I was saying, this same converstion has gone on for weeks, until yesterday. I finally brought her a bottle of my preferred salad hot sauce: Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat. She called me up less then an hour later and bought a case of it. She’s going to be running it as a special for the salad bar. Hot sauce on salad isn’t such a crazy idea after all.

Hot sauce on your salad is great for a number of reasons:
#1 Your eating vegetables, why add the fatty dressings to them? Hot sauces typically have 0 calories and 0 fat.
#2 Hot sauce will make you eat less (if it’s hot enough)
#3 Hot sauce will burn more calories (as if eating ruffage wasn’t enough)
#4 Keeps your cubicle neighbor away from your food.

But for all the pros to eating hot sauce on salad, there is one major con:
– You’ve consumed a bunch of hot sauce and vegetables. Count on spending 3pm to 4pm in the crapper.

Nick Lindauer

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