Posted April 27, 2007 by Creator in Makers



The Defcon ZERO Batch #4’s are NOW AVAILABLE!!!

OK, the harvesting is complete! We have 90 (91 were created) of these beauties available. Please click on the link below, and fill out ALL requested information as requested. If any of the billing/shipping information is not correct, your Vial of Doom will go to the next person in line, so proofread everything before you send it. This is purely a first come, first serve basis, to make things fair. Also, this time around we are only accepting credit cards and Paypal (no e-checks) as methods of payment. Some of the checks for the last release took over a month to clear, and some didn’t clear at all. As you probably know it’s just myself and my wife running the show here, and I want to make it somewhat easy on ourselves on the accounting side with the inevitable onslaught on e-mails that are now going to start rolling in.

Each person will be allowed to purchase ONE of these. With the amount of people currently on the ZERO list, I want as many people as possible to be able to adorn their Shelves of Doom with the latest creation we’re offering. In the event there are any remaining, they will be put on the website for purchase at a later date. I wouldn’t suggest relying on there being any left. Also, when ordering, your order will be ONLY for a ZERO Batch #4, and for no other products.

A LOT more work went into this release than previous ones (not to mention a lot of capsaicin-induced pain, and about 200+ pounds of dried Habaneros), and you will notice the actual ZERO is a little different than previous releases, due to an extra procedural step we are now utilizing. The container is quite unique, and completely different from any of its predecessors. There is some minor assembly needed for this, which makes it that much more interesting, and instructions will be included. There will also be the standard Certificate of Authenticity included as well.

The price of this release is $70 plus shipping/handling charges. All will be sent out via USPS Priority Mail, and international orders will all be sent out USPS EMS Global Express, so as to cut down on time in transit and tracking availability. These gems are more intricate and fragile than the previous releases, so please handle with care.

We wish you luck in your acquisitional endeavor to gain one of these little gems. You will certainly be quite pleased with our latest Creation of the Ages. So join the ranks of the many Defcon Acolytes, you’ll be glad you did.

We here at Defcon HQ want thank you once again for your continued support of us and our products, and for making our growing company a true pleasure to build. Be sure to check out “Upcoming Events” on the website to find out where we will be turning up for our infamous Defcon Days and other appearances. Our schedule of events is growing by leaps and bounds, which is allowing us to greatly expand our Perimeter of Assimilation.

John (Defcon Creator) & Maggie (Defcon Createss)