de Mar's Hot Rooster Sauce - Hot Sauce Review

de Mars’s Hot Rooster Sauce

This sauce is more flavor then heat. While the labeling needs work, don’t let that deter you – this is a sauce that doesn’t follow the conventional hot sauce model and should be celebrated because of that. If you are looking fo...

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SAAS Hot Sauce review

SAAS Hot Sauces are some very unique sauces that fall into the category of “Sauces I’ve Never Heard of But Need to Try!” These are a couple of the most unique hot sauces that we’ve reviewed in a long...


Southern Recipe Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds

This is one of those comfort foods you grow up with and it is also always great to grab a bag when traveling or heading to the beach or ball game. Southern Recipe’s Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds go great with beer too!

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Smoked Jalapeno Salsa, by Pain is Good

The smokey scent here actually makes this smell a lot like a barbecue sauce, which I don't think I have ever actually encountered in a salsa before.
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Now I have very fond memories of the Isle of Wight, golden sands, long summers, coloured sands and dinosaurs slowly falling into the sea! The island was my parents holiday destination of choice through most of the 80′s, a...


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Further to our recent article about the Holker Gardens Chilli Festival, please be advised we have been notified by the organisers that this event has now been cancelled. Possibly Related Articles: No Related Articles Found