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2005 Fiery Foods Show – Day 1

Okay, sorry to report that I don’t have any pictures from Day 1 of the 2005 Fiery Foods Show – I spent most of my time there meeting and tasting. In fact, I met so many people that I had to return to the car to drop off piles of paper work and product information. I checked out early from the show (3pm) to head out and check out the local chile pepper shops and then headed to Walmart to buy an extra duffel dag to pack all the samples home in. Tomorrow I’ll be cruising around and taking some pictures of each of the displays, I promise. And for those of you that I didn’t get in touch with, no worries I’ll catch you Saturday or Sunday.

Hot Business Cards
Hot Foods Business Cards
These are all the business cards that I’ve collected from day one of the 2005 Fiery Foods Show.

So far, it seems that every vendor there has a different chipotle pepper sauce. I love chipotle and every sauce that I tried had it’s own unique spin on the smoked pepper. Tonight I’m going to head down to the Liquid Lounge and check out the Chili Head Party that’s being put on by Old Pueblo Distributing & Arizona Pickles. Free food and liqour – yeah, you know I’ll be there.

Okay, so in alphabetical order ( or close to it) here is a list of the contacts I made today, mostly for my benefit so later I won’t forget anything, but I thought the readers out there would like to know some of the info to. Enjoy! And if your not on the list, either I didn’t meet you, or I’ve already forgotten what your product was – There’s a big benefit to giving out samples! 🙂

505 Southwestern www.505chile.com – Local to Albuquerque these guys have come out with individual serving size packets of hot sauces.

Amour Chocolates Inc www.amourchocolates.com – Local to Albuquerque these ladies offer gourmet chocolates and candied nuts. The Chocolate Chile Pecans are fabulous.

Bit & Spur – No website to list, but these guys are located in UT and have created a Red Chile Ketchup that is great on shrimp – Not too hot but good & chunky.

Bodine Etc www.bobarosa.com – These guys have a large variety of pickled garlic and are the original creators of the old Scorpion hot sauce (about 6-7 years ago). They have a very unique line of blues related hot sauces.

Byron Bay Chili Co. www.byronbaychilli.com – Australian hot sauces with great labels. These were the only hot sauces at the show that made me break into a sweat and they don’t add any of the extracts – the heat is all natural!

CaJohns Fiery Foods www.cajohns.com – The makers of Magma and Frostbite, as well as many others. You can get CaJohns products from Sweat N Spice already and we’re going to be caring more!

Casa Fiesta Foods www.casafiestafoods.com – Screaming Monkey Hot Sauces as well as some very tasty dry spices and rubs.

Chef Matt’s www.chefmatts.com – Great BBQ sauces that I’ve sampled before. The Raspberry BBQ sauce is an awesome flavor that will go great on ribs.

Chile Addict www.chileaddictstore.com – These guys had a booth at the show and after the show I dropped by their store located here in Albuquerque. I picked up some hard to find hot sauces and even found some old (very old) Chile Pepper Magazines that I will be reviewing later.

Chili Crop www.chilicrop.com – Another New Mexico based company, based in Jemez Springs. Great salsas including a 2005 Scovie Award Winning Italian Style cooking Sauce.

The Chile Pepper www.chilepepperemporium.com – These folks weren’t displaying at the show, but this morning when I got my coffee I happened upon their store. I asked the lady behind the counter if I could take a few pictures and she told me that I would have to come back tomorrow to talk to the owners. So hopefully I can take a few pictures to show you guys. Very large store with a wide variety of products.

Danny Cash Hot Sauces www.dannycash.com – Based in Denver, CO these guys have made one of the best habanero mustards I’ve ever tasted. Their Bottled Up Anger hot sauce mixes serrano and habanero peppers to make one mean hot sauce.

Darda Incorporated www.dardainc.com – Probably the most unique product that I tasted at the show today, this Liberian Fried Pepper sauce is great and Olga, the president of the company recommends mixing it with a little Ranch sauce for a great wing sauce. I’ll have to try it!

Deco Plates of Albuquerque No website to list, but these ladies create awesome looking deco plates that are relatively cheap. I’m thinking of picking up a few for christmas gifts.

Fallen Angel Sauces www.fallenangelsauces.com – Great cooking sauces with very unique labels. I’ll be getting a few bottles for review and I’ll be sure to create a couple of recipes that will allow you to see the full potential of these sauces.

Gardunos www.gardunosrestaurants.com – I spoke with Jeannine for quite a while and I must say, their salsas are great and local to Albuquerque. They have 4 locations in the city and I’m going to check one of them out tomorrow night for dinner. I’ll review later.

Garden Fresh Gourmet www.gardenfreshsalsa.com – Okay, I admit, I see this salsa at the Wholefoods in NYC everytime I go and have yet to buy it. Next time I go, I will be sure to pick some up. Particularly the Artichoke Garlic Salsa which I sampled at the show. Very tasty and fresh.

Jilli Pepper www.jillipepper.com – Great name and great salsas local to Albuquerque.

Kondike Candies www.klondikecandies.com – The only hot foods business I’ve ever heard of that’s from Alaska. Klondike candies produces wonderful peanut, cashew and pistachio brittles that have just a hint of spice.

Mac’s Hot Sauce www.macshotsauce.com – Another hot sauce local to Albuquerque, Mac’s hot sauce produces all natural hot sauces and salsa that have a unique flavor all their own.

Pilarcita’s www.pilarcitas.com – Mexican seasonings and dry marinades. Beatrice let me taste some shreded beef that was cooked with thier seasoning and it was wonderful. The seasoning doesn’t overpower the flavor of the meat, it simply enhances it while adding just a touch of heat.

PBR BBQ www.pbrbbq.com – Makers of the PBR brand of hot sauces, they’ve recently come out with a Texas Hold ‘Em Hot Sauce that will soon be hitting the shelves across the country.

Red Lion Spicy Foods Co www.betterthanhot.com – These guys make the 20 Pepper Hot Sauce line that’s expanding every time I turn around. They’ve recently come out with some hot pickled garlic that’s perfect for the garlic lover in your life.

Reel Heat, Inc. www.reelheat.com – With hot sauces named Too Hot Tuna and Wailing Wahoo, Reel Heat Inc has more then a great name, these hot sauces have a great taste as well.

Spepper www.spepper.com – As seen on Food Tv, these guys are true to thier craft. In addition to Original Spepper, they’ve created Garlic Spepper and Hot & Spicy Spepper.

Sweet Peppers LLC No website to list, but Ben has a great BBQ sauce on his hands.

Schizophrenic Chipotle www.chipotlepeople.com – Tom, the head pepper, of Pfleider Pfoods, Inc has a great line of sauces. I personally love cooking with the Fresh Cream chipotle and Crazzberry is one of our best sellers.

Susie’s Hot Sauce www.susieshotsauce.com – All the way from the West Indies, these hot sauces reflect the peppers of that region, which are hot hot hot. Well, not that hot, but these sauces are great pepper based hot sauce without the extra fluff that’s in a lot of the sauces on the market.

Tahiti Joe’s Hot Sauces www.tahitijoeshotsauces.com – Who would think that a hot sauce with the name Camel Toe would actually taste good? Tahiti Joe’s Hot Sauces will open your eyes to a whole new world, where the hot sauce labels are funny AND the sauces taste good.

Tres Gringas www.tresgringas.com – Makers of the Ay! Chihuahua Barbeque & Dipping Sauces, these ladies have a great sauce on their hands. They also have a wonderful Chipotle Pecan seasoning that we’re going to be carrying very soon.

Willow Creek Foods These folks produce a wonderful line of salsas and spreads. The spreads are my personal favorite, since they are very close to a hot jam or a jelly.

Uncle Bunk’s www.unclebunks.com – Located in Sistervile, WV – Uncle Bunks has created a 1st Place Scovie Award 2005 winner with their mustard relish. Their rustic pepper sauce is just as wonderful.

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