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2006 Fiery Foods Show – Friday Night

Friday night in Albuquerque is never dull. A whole crew of us got kicked out of the bar here in the Sandia Casino last night. Apparently theres some kind of weird rule that you can’t take pictures in the bar area because the Native Americans don’t want thier photos taken and since we were warned once before, the second time a flash went of (my flash was not on – that’s how I snuck out with these pics) the security wannabes came rushing over and threw us all out since no one would rat on the flasher. And all we were doing was taking pictures of MSK’s signed head. Oh well, they didn’t need our money anyways.

Not to be deterred, we found beer elsewhere and hung out in the lounge area until both bars closed down. Talking hot sauce and chiles until the wee hours.

CaJohn's Framed Photo
CaJohn’s First Production Labels, signed and framed for the MSK.

CaJohn Holding the Photo
CaJohn Holding the Framed Photo

MSK #1 in Our Hearts
MSK #1 In Our Hearts

CaJohn Signing MSK's Head
CaJohn Siging MSK’s head – right before getting kicked out.

MSK signed (limited edition) signed head
1/1 Signed and Limited Edition Head

The Crew that got kicked out
Kicked out and still taking pictures – Clockwise: Chili, Sue, Tina, MSK, Nick & CaJohn.

Peppermaster & MSK
The Peppermaster, Tina & MSK – Tina and the Peppermaster surprised us all by showing up for the show. I finally got to sample all of their new stuff and boy oh boy – they are even better then the samples I’ve had in the past. Their products are gourmet to the fullest extent & we’ll definately be adding more to our line to assist the US Peppermaster Fans.

Stop staring at my peppers!
Tina – Stop Staring at My Peppers!

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