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2006 Fiery Foods Show – Saturday

Defcon Zero - Batch 2
Defcon Zero Batch #2 – The Creator has had the Defcon Logo laser etched onto the lid of the box. And would you believe it, all that packaging is edible? It’s made out of chile peppers – very apropos. Plus, each Defcon Zero Batch #2 comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Defcon Creator on the HSB
This is what the Creator is really doing here – hanging out on the HSB! He’s got a wireless connection in the booth just so he can stay abreast of the latest comments and happenings. Plus he likes egging you guys on.

Blair's New Stuff
New stuff from Blair! A Fire Roasted Queso Sauce, a Medium Salsa and an XXX Hot Salsa. These will be available by the end of the month. The ones you see here have the prepress (non-glossy) labels on them (protoypes if you will).

Blair Strangling Me

Blair & Erric (He owns #1 6AM & #1 4AM)

The HSB Bloggers
L to R: Mad Reilly, Nick, MSK & Cheffy – The HSB crew at the 2006 Fiery Foods Show

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