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2006 Fiery Foods Show – Thursday

Thursdays Sunset

The eagle has landed. Actually I landed at 3:00 local time, but spent a good amount of time hitting the hot sauce stores (picked up a few Blair’s Smokin’ Hot Pots & Regular Hot Pots). Not to mention driving all the way out here to BFE
More to come once I do normal things, like unpack & shower.

Green Chile Stew
Green Chile Stew

Green Chiles
Infamous NM Green Chiles

Prime Rib
Prime Rib

The View
And the view!

I went down to the casino to see what was happening down there, pretty depressing scene actually. If you’ve ever been to an Indian Gaming Casino then you know what I mean. And the smoke! Holy crap – I just walked the floor and played a few machines and I stink like smoke already. But on the up side, I’m up $100 (N-59 Money)

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