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2006 Holiday Reserve Pre-Release

2006 Holiday Reserve Pre-Release

Hey ChiliPal,

Today I proudly announce the Pre-Release of the 2006 Holiday Reserve!

A Giant 7 oz. Red Cork Finished Bottle—This is the my last Holiday Reserve until the 2009-2010 Holiday Season. As many of my close chilipals know, I personally make each and every bottle (It takes Hundreds of hours to produce 1 series from Start to Finish) I will never compromise the quality, creativity, or value of my Reserves and for me to try to keep up with an ever growing crazy schedule something would have to be compromised (I WILL NEVER COMPROMISE).

By no longer producing my Holiday Reserve during our craziest time of year, it will enable me to keep doing what I Love so much ( Sharing my World of Spice With the Greatest Bunch of Chilipals anyone could ever be blessed with knowing) and you can rest assure each bottle will continue to be made with the same passion as my very first..(Even more) ………Ok so now that all that small talk is out of the way…….Lets Go—–ONLY 299 Holiday Reserves Will be produced Worldwide….18 Hours PRE-Order Price of $100. is Valid only Until 6:00PM EST tonight 12/8/06!

At 6:01PM The Price on any remaining Holiday Reserves is $150. . The Bottles Are Big, Bright, and Filled with Holiday Heat……Enjoy and Feel Alive! With Much Respect…Happy Holidays!

Your Chilipal,

Nick Lindauer

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