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2006 Houston Hot Sauce Festival Recap & Winners

Houston, Texas (September 27, 2006) – The 110 vendors of hot sauces, jellies and salsas had a successful weekend selling out of products at the 7th annual Houston Hot Sauce Festival on Sept. 16 & 17. The weather was cool (ok… cooler) and the products were HOT.

“The Hottest” Party in Texas, continues to be a great success, year after year. A fun spicy event enabling us to raise money for the Stehlin Foundation.

A special thank you to all. Attendees / Chileheads, Volunteer Staff (our entire staff are volunteers) and Sponsors

More pictures available here.

Houston Hot Sauce Festival


Winner: Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Co., Stupid Hot aka Unbearable
2nd: The Savory Hot Sauce Company – Habanero Punch T.K.O. Extreme
3rd: CaJohn’s, Black Mamba

(overall best presentation to the public including marketing of products booth)
Winner: Big Daddy Jake’s
2nd: Fito’s
3rd: Big Daddy’s Firepits

Winner: Ana’s Foods – Ana’s Preserves
2nd: Chile Beach Jams – Extra Hot Jerk Habanero Jam
3rd: Village Creek Kitchens – Food in a Flash

Winner: Joy Peppers, Joy Peppers
2nd: Coast Gifts & Gourmet – Candied Jalapenos
3rd: Grandma Koyote’s Food Products – Grandma Koyote’s Mild N Spicy

Winner: Big Dawg – Slobber Sauce
2nd: Chile Beach Jams – Spicy Peanut Sauce
3rd: Austin Slow Burn, Green Chile Jam

Winner: Ana’s Foods, Ana’s Herbs
2nd: Big Daddy Jake’s – Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub
3rd: Cin Chili & Company – Cin Chili

Winner: Austin Slow Burn – Green Chile con Queso
2nd: MeMe’s Jams N’ Jelli – Boursin Cheese
3rd: Sieco USA Corporation – Amber Herb Garden Olive Oil

Winner: Austin Slow Burn – Jamacin Jerk Marinade
2nd: Howard’s Yummies – La Grange Chipotle Steak & Grilling
3rd: The Texas Gourmet – Lemon Rosemary Habanero Grilling Sauce

Winner: Big Daddy Jake’s – Pappo’s High in the Saddle BBQ Sauce
2nd: Austin Spice Company – Austin Spice Company Smoky Hill BBQ Sauce
3rd: Mild To Wild Pepper & Herb – Fiery Hot Habanero

Winner: Big Daddy Jake’s – Texas Pit Smoked Hot Sauce
2nd: All Things Homemade – Cherry Chipotle
3rd: Mild To Wild Pepper & Herb – Rookie Orientation

Winner: Grandma Koyote’s Food Products – Grandma Koyote’s Hot N Spicy
2nd: All Things Homemade – Fig Habanero
3rd: The Savory Hot Sauce Company – Habanero Punch Original

Houston Hot Sauce Festival

Winner: Big Daddy’s Ass Burn – Big Daddy’s Ass Burn Hot Sauce
2nd: Cyclone Promotions – Happy Dogs Hot Sauce
3rd: Austin Slow Burn – Salsa con Habanero

Winner: Austin Slow Burn – Salsa Verde
2nd: Vern’s Queso – Vern’s Salsa Verde
3rd: All Things Homemade – Tropical Poblano Sauce

Winner: Fito’s Kitchen Fresh Salsa – Salsa
2nd: Big Dawg – Burn Ur Face Off!
3rd: Howard’s Yummies – Jump Up & Kick Yo Butt Pecan Smoked Habanero

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