Posted March 7, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

2007 Ultimate Blog Sauce Sign Up

Ultimate Blog Sauce Labels - 2007
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For those of you that are new to the HSB, the Ultimate Blog Sauce labels are a project that was conceived by HSBers around this time last year. The 2006 Ultimate Blog Sauce labels are still circling the country, but we’ve already begun signing the 2007 edition. The purpose of these labels is to develop a 1 of a kind hot sauce collectible for each blogger that would like to participate. Each label will be signed by those that participate and the proceeds from the sale of the bottles go to the American Cancer Society.

Now, while the exact mailing method has not yet been determined, I’d like to get started on a list of those folks that would like to be a part of this project. Starting the signing of the 2007 labels at the Fiery Foods show turned out to be a great idea and we already have signatures of 21 people on each label.

Those that have signed so far:
– Eman
– Creator
– Nick
– Aaron
– Passow
– Chilehead Ed
– Parker
– DK
– CaJohn
– Bret
– The Ex
– Blane
– Candy
– Big Dawg
– Kristi
– Lisa
– Jodie
– Chris K
– The Truth
– Goonie Nick

It’s time to develop a list of those that would be interested in signing the 2007 edition of the labels (in addition to those that have already signed it) – so please leave a comment if you’d like to be a part of this great chilehead community project.

Nick Lindauer

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