Posted August 1, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

3 A.M. Cholula

I love Cholula hot sauce and since no Cholula Xtra hot exists – I decided to make my own version, kicked up several notches higher then any sauce you can find in stores of course.

3 A.M. Cholula
1 5 Fl Oz. Bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce
1 bottle of Blair’s 3 A.M. (we’ll only use to taste, not the entire bottle)

Simple directions – Use a bit of your Cholula so that there’s room in the bottle. Use a dropper to add Blair’s 3Am one drop at a time. Add 2-3 drops, then give the Cholula a taste to see where the heat level is. I typically add about 10 drops of Blair’s 3 AM per one bottle of Cholula.

I always make sure to label the Cholula Bottle, usually wrapping it with a bit of duct tape and marking it with a skull using a permanent marker.

The 3 A.M. gives the Cholula intense heat but the consitency and overall flavor of the Cholula remains the same. Enjoy!

Nick Lindauer

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