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A Hot Pepper a Day Keeps the Hangovers Away

Most of us who like to have a good time are well aware of the downfalls of a hangover. Hangovers are also a major problem for American business in terms of lost work time and decreased productivity. Now there’s a very odd cure that’s been discovered for the common hangover, and the secret is natural hot pepper extract. First discovered by Howard Stern fans, this powerful hangover remedy is now gaining a reputation as a drinker’s best friend.

Altamont, NY (PRWeb) July, 19 2004 — Alcohol usage costs American businesses more than 140 billion dollars each year, and much of the expense is due to “employee hangovers” leading to increased sick days, and decreased productivity. The estimated cost of hangovers averages out to nearly $2,000 for every U.S. worker, and although it would seem the biggest cost in lost work productivity would be caused by heavy drinkers, it’s actually light to moderate drinkers who account for most work related costs.

Although hangovers have been widely recognized since ancient times, there is still no official medical definition for the condition. Classic symptoms can include headache, nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite, shakiness, fatigue, and an overall “crappy” feeling. Generally, if an alcohol drinker has two or more of these symptoms, he or she is experiencing a hangover.

The symptoms can appear very “flu like” due to numerous chemical changes in the balance of hormones and certain neurotransmitters within the body. When people react adversely to alcohol consumption, they also experience a neurological imbalance that increases the heart rate, and multiplies the workload on the heart itself. Furthermore, brain waves and neuromuscular performance slow down significantly for up to 24 hours after the alcohol has cleared the body. It’s these biological changes that lead to the “morning after” hangover.

Though it’s also important to note that hangovers don’t always happen the morning after, sometimes they occur immediately after a person drinks, such as with a condition known as “wine headaches”. Studies show that nearly 30% of red wine drinkers receive a headache from just one glass – some on a chronic basis, and some only occasionally. This number increases to 40% for two glasses of red wine.

Of course wine isn’t the only culprit when it comes to alcohol headaches. It’s estimated that 60% of drinkers can receive an immediate headache from just one drink that doesn’t agree with them. Surveys show that it only takes an average of three drinks to induce a hangover, and some people drink so infrequently they only need one or two drinks to experience a hangover.

Although the medical symptoms of hangovers are well accepted, researchers aren’t quite sure exactly what causes them. Many physicians believe hangovers are caused by a combination of factors that may include allergies to sulfites, grains, and sugars associated with the fermentation of alcohol. Other factors may include pre-existing conditions such as vascular disease, migraine headaches, empty stomach, lack of sleep, psychosocial factors, increased physical activity while drinking, and dehydration. Another interesting fact concerns the children of alcoholic parents who report greater hangover symptoms than the children of non-alcoholics.

Researchers also know that (6 drinks) consumed by a 175 lb male, and (3-4 drinks) in a 135 lb woman will almost always lead to a hangover on some level. Therefore, not drinking enough to get drunk can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a hangover. Of course many people believe that a hangover is nature’s way of preventing future excess drinking. However, studies have found that hangovers do not deter drinking, and instead may actually encourage some people to drink more. Known throughout history as an “Eye Opener,” or “Hair Of The Dog”, surveys have shown that many hangover sufferers will drink more alcohol in a futile to reverse its effects the day after.

Although science has come up with a few minimally effective hangover prevention products, no product has addressed the actual symptoms of a hangover until now. The product, known as the “Sinus Buster” is the world’s first all natural nasal spray made with hot pepper extract. Sinus Buster was originally marketed only as a headache and sinus remedy, but it turns out this herbal formula also relieves the headache pain and feeling of “cobwebs on the brain” associated with classic hangovers.

The secret comes from a natural hot pepper extract known as Capsaicin, the chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. The capsaicin in Sinus Buster instantly reverses hangover symptoms, and gives the user a rush of natural endorphins which leads to a feeling of overall well being.

The exclusive Sinus Buster formula uses a combination of Capsaicin, Eucalyptus, Rosemary extract, Sea salt, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera gel mixed in a base of highly purified water. Although the bite for first time users is significant, it leaves the nasal passages and sinuses feeling rejuvenated and healthy according to officials at SiCap Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster.

The company first started hearing from hangover sufferers after the Sinus Buster got a plug on The Howard Stern Show. It turns out the president of SiCap Industries had worked in radio and television until he was fired by the infamous Clear Channel Communications, the same company that canned Stern from 4 markets earlier this summer. When Stern had first been biten by Clear Channel, he had SiCap’s president on to dish some dirt on the hated corporation.

“We obviously knew the sinus buster could stop pretty much any headache or sinus condition, but we hadn’t thought about hangovers until we started hearing from hundreds of customers who said it instantly worked for them. It all happened after Howard Stern let me plug the sinus buster on his show, and the response was huge. His audience is very loyal and they like to buy stuff. Thanks to Howard, we got a boost of orders that allowed us to go from a basement operation into our own building. We even bought a labeling machine. We love Howard at SiCap. In fact, we’re going to advertise with him sometime in the future. We just can’t afford it quite yet, but man he’s worth every penny. Any company looking to advertise should definitely do it on Stern,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

Perry says Howard Stern fans are now a large percentage of their regular customer base, and they apparently like to drink – a lot.

“It’s funny because Stern fans like to let us know where they heard about us. A lot of Stern fans write us about getting one of Howard’s crew, Artie Lange to try the buster for his hangovers. All the Stern listeners know Artie loves to party. Actually that’s not a bad idea. Artie ought to try sinus buster since he’s got a hangover probably three days a week. A couple shots of buster and Artie would be ready to go at it all over again. This stuff really does beat a hangover instantly,” adds Perry.

Aside from the near instant reversal of classic hangover symptoms, a couple shots of the Sinus Buster taken when you first start drinking will usually prevent wine headaches and even hangovers the morning after. Users say it wakes you up right away, and many people feel it also helps to sober them up with a feeling of rejuvenation and focus.

The Sinus Buster was recently touted in the nationally renowned “Ms. Fitness Magazine” as an excellent workout booster due to its ability to make the body release a fast and furious amount of natural endorphins. According to users, one blast of the Sinus Buster is the equivalent of a “runner’s high” which makes for great workouts from the start.

“It’s incredible the rush you get when this stuff hits the back of your head. It really gets me going before I workout and it’s great for that period when I get fatigued in the middle of my routine. The buster really works and it’s even better on hangovers. Believe me I should know,” says Brian Steel, a Sinus Buster user from upstate New York.

Another long time Sinus Buster user also credits this unique nasal spray with giving him a sobering effect after having too much to drink.

“I had a pretty good buzz one night. I definitely had a lot to drink, and I was feeling a headache coming on. My girlfriend got me to try it and one blast knocked my headache away and totally woke me up. It burned like hell at first, but I liked it, and it sobered me up too. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing,” jokes Matt Pezzula who’s been using the Sinus Buster for nearly a year now.

So it seems hot peppers may replace the old fashioned “Hair of the Dog” as an effective hangover remedy, and you can be assured the Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray has a lot more bite than it does bark.

To learn more about the power of pepper for fighting hangovers, go to (www.sinusbuster.com). This website also has a page on basic hangover prevention tips that may be of some help. Samples and media kits are available upon request for qualified media and medical personnel.

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