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Blair’s Le Million Reserve

Blair's Le Million Reserve

Le Gourmet Chef has teamed up with Blair of Death Sauce Fame to create his first commisioned reserve. This handcrafted piece starts off with his famous 60ml bottle which is imported from England.

The bottle is filled with an Earth shaking 1.4 million Scoville units of fury.

This product must be used as an ingredient only, not as a sauce. It is then cork-finished, and sealed in four layers of Italian resin with Blair’s famous skull embedded within.

Own a piece of pepper history today…only 999 available worldwide. Special collector price only $49.99 and each reserve comes with a FREE bottle of Sudden Death Sauce (a $9.95 value). Act now for this incredibly hot deal—-or be left out in the cold!

Buy Le Million Reserve here.

Official Word from Blair…

Dear Fellow Chilihead,

Dear Chilipals, I want to bring you up to speed on some very Exciting things…..First of all Now is your shot at getting an amazing Collector piece for a price that is below anything I could ever offer ….. “Le Million“. I was commissioned to produce a Reserve for “Le Gourmet Chef” A national Gourmet Chain. I created “Le million” For them, …A Special 1.4 million scoville unit Blend of oils, all new Yellow and Blue Italian Resins, Custom New Gold Foil Crest on the Case and More….All of this for only $49.95 Plus you get a free bottle of Sudden Death ($9.95 Value Free) (Also I have been informed they do not have an order limit but I do not think they understand what my Chilipals are capable of) Only 999 bottles are available worldwide and most of them are going directly to the stores…So this is your shot at getting one…… this bottle is not available anywhere else not even my own site. It is truly a bargain and I encourage you to take advantage of it. Remember they are the ones who are using this as an in store promo for all my other products, Reap the benefit and you don’t even have to go to their store…..

Enjoy and Feel Alive
Your Chilipal Blair

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PS I have so much more news to tell you…..Holiday Reserve only 99 bottles All New package, Plus a Special project of mine only offered to 10 Chiliheads (The Cutting Room Floor) Plus Buffalo wing Sauce and all New heat line..I have so much to say….Talk to ya soon……Much Love

Nick Lindauer

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