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Blair's Mega Death: Taste & Heat Test

Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce is one of the hottest sauces known to man. It tips the scoville scale at a whopping 550,000 scoville units. That’s over 200 times hotter then traditional Tabasco Hot Sauce. The bottle itself should give you a good enough idea of how hot it is exactly, but spurred by a customer’s inquiry I have become determined to figure out just how hot 550,000 scoville units is. My stomach will probably never forgive me for this one.

I spent a few days thinking on how I could make this test as scientific as possible and came up with the following:

Purpose of this taste test: To determine which commonly recommended dairy product willl reduce the “burn” of Blair’s Mega Death in the least amount of time.

Heat Sampler

I took a sample of Blair’s Mega Death and applied it directly to my tongue and timed how long it took for the “burning” sensation to go away. A drop of the sauce took just under 30 minutes to go away.
Blair's Mega Death Sauce in a Sample

This is what Blair’s Mega Death looks like, in case anyone is wondering. 🙂

Milk: Compared to the baseline numbers, 6 oz. of milk had a success rate of 33%
Cheese: Much more useful then milk in reducing the heat level. Cheddar cheese has a sucess rate of 78%
Yogurt: The most sucessful of all the elements, a container of yogurt had a sucess rate of 89%
Sour Cream: I could only eat one spoonful of this, so the sucess rate was a lower the I expected. It came in at 55%.
Whipped Cream: Second least sucessful, with a 37% sucess rate.
Ice Cream: I had expected ice cream to be the most sucessful, but it came in just as useful as cheese.

Blair's Sucess Rate Table

So, if you ever consume something that’s too hot, a small container of yogurt will reduce the burn your feeling quicker then any other dairy product. And Blair’s Mega Death is extremely hot! I would recommend mixing a few drops into a salsa or even a marinara sauce. I wouldn’t recommend applying direclty to your food, or your tongue as I did. It won’t hurt you, but I would suggest picking up some Rolaids.

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