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CaJohn Fiery Food Show Collectibles & More

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Caveat Emptor II
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CaJohn's Fiery Foods - Caveat 2

CaJohn's Fiery FoodsWe are going to be selling the Caveat Emptor II ($100.00 includes shipping, we will be able to ship late March). I have yet to get the proto from the engraver, but will publish pics when I do. You can download the PDF of the design here. I am offering matching numbers to all that have the Caveat Emptor 1 that request them. They can email me with their pre-order. After the Fiery Foods show has started, they are first come first served, but I will try to get them the number they want. We do have a list of many of the numbers.

We will be debuting our 10th anniversary sauce, Sauce 10 that contains Naga Jolokia, Red Savina, Fatalii and Orange habs. It is the hottest natural pepper sauce I have ever made. We will be selling a commerative 375 ml bottle that will be signed and numbered for $20.00. There are 600 bottlse in the run. It will also be available in a 5 oz. size for the $10.00 retail price ($5.00 wholesale).

I will have a selection of discontinued bottles from the past. Red Light, Green Light, Senor G’s (Several of all 3), The Sturgis set of 4 and a few Rick’s Mustang Sauce that we uncovered. Not sure on the pricing yet.

We’ll have a few of the Red Hot Saucer bottles, as well as matching low number sets of The Legend from the 4 dated years, which will include a 2002 unnumbered bottle of the round design (normal woozy). This is the last year for The Legend as the Jolokia has been certified by testing.

I’ll have a couple of other “special” bottles like the North Market Fiery Food Show that’s posted on thehotzoneonline and a tribute bottle to one of the Fire Mountain Krewe $10.00 each. Both will all proceeds benefiting charities.

And I almost forgot, another in the line of ABQ special label Black Mamba sauces. Muy Macho!

And a couple of more surprises!

Caveat Emptor II
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Caveat II