Posted April 13, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Caption Contest #1 – Tie: Ryan & DK

Congratulations to Ryan & DK for being the winners of our 1st Caption contest. Because of the close race the winners are going to get prizes of equal value. DK will recieve the ‘special’ Defcon Zero ($40 value) and Ryan will recieve a $40 gift certificate to Sweat ‘N Spice.

Winning Captions:
By DK – Well kitty, if there’s a caption in there, we’ll get Ryan to find it. He’s pulled enough out of his a** I’m sure he could find one or two in yours!

By Ryan – Round trip tickets to NM – 4 to $500, Bottle of Blair’s N-59 reserve – $100, Getting free tail at the Fiery Foods Show – Priceless

Nick Lindauer

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