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ChileHeads Monopoly: Redux

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that a few months back the ChileHeads Monopoly Edition hit the stands. I pre-ordered my edition right away and like any true collector, I wasn’t going to even open it. But after 6 months of staring at the box, I had to crack it open. The wife loves playing board games, so it was a good way for us to spend quality time together.

ChileHeads Monopoly Edition
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Now here’s a game guaranteed to create fiery competition between players! Soon you’ll learn who can take the heat and prosper and who will crash and burn in scorched poverty. This game is for those who like it hot…this game is for ChileHeads! Those wonderful palate-abusing spicy food fanatics who dare fiery foods to satisfy their need to eat the heat. With each roll of the dice, players will flourish financially or burn money. Temperatures may rise as players are thrown to the coals by savvy property buyers who invest wisely while building their empires. Will your business radiate wealth and success in a blistering rise to greatness or be promptly snuffed out? Only one player with a burning desire to succeed will win. Only one player can reign supreme, standing upon the ashes of the defeated.
You can buy ChileHeads Monopoly from Daniel’s Fire Roast

ChileHeads Monopoly Edition

The wife and I have played the game 4-5 times and each time it’s been a blast. The game is structured just like regular Monopoly, with the Boardwalk and Park Place properties being replaced by Dave’s Gourmet and Porky’s Gourmet. ChileHeads everywhere will love this game. Only 5,000 will be produced, so get yours quick!

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