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Cold Sweat Ice Cream

I want to thank the readers that took the time to email & IM me about Cold Sweat Ice Cream in the last week or so and let all of you know I wasn’t ignoring you or the idea behind this. I was in fact trying to track the owner down and talk with him, but alas that doesn’t seem to be possible anytime soon, so here’s the lowdown from the rest of the press:

I scream, you scream, anyone in their right mind would scream when faced with this ice cream.

North Carolina’s Scott Wilson, owner of Sunni Sky’s ice cream shop, is like the Dr. Frankenstein of frosty frozen treats. Seriously.

And this time, he really has created a monster.

America, meet Cold Sweat – the ice cream from Hell.

Needless to say, Cold Sweat isn’t your granny’s ice cream – it’s more like vice cream – ice cream with attitude.

And by attitude, of course, we mean three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce that deliver a spice so well spicy that your fingers will feel a little hot just touching the stuff.

Wilson’s waiver declares anyone under the age of 18 ineligible to eat his not-so-tasty treat without parental consent and completely forbids pregnant women and people with health problems from partaking, The News & Observer reports.

But that didn’t stop faithful frozen fire-eater Rod McCallum. It tasted like fire with a side of fire

“I thought it was a cool idea, but I didn’t think he’d make it that hot. It tasted like fire with a side of fire,” McCallum said.

But Wilson insists he didn’t set out to bring on the pain with his new ice cream. Rather, he wanted to make something a little spicy for his customers who like it hot.

Justin Smith, a Cold Sweat veteran vying for the in-store record of 14 ounces eaten, says the spicy special’s not so bad once you get past the searing pain.

“It’s got a good flavor,” Smith insisted. “As someone who really likes hot stuff and doesn’t mind being scorched, I can taste the difference, and it really does taste good.”
~ Source: Fox News

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