Posted March 13, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

Collectible Bottles Category

HSBers – Here’s an idea that I’m kicking around:
A category on collectible bottles. Sounds simple enough right?

Each post will feature one collectible bottle with details such as:

  • When it was made.
  • How many were made.
  • Information on different editions.
  • Approx. Value & Initial cost.
  • Pictures!
  • Anything else we should include? Remember – this section will be about the bottles, not individual collections. The goal is to create an area where folks can find out more information on collectible bottles that they may not know about.

My inspiration for a category like this came from a discussion I had during the Fiery Foods Show where a new collector didn’t know there was a 2004 Halloween Reserve (made by Blair). CaJohn has recently been kind enough to enlighten us on the differences between certain editions of his Statue of Liberty Bottles – but wouldn’t it be nice to have all “collectible” bottles documented in one place?

Obvious collectible bottles include Blair’s Reserves, Dave’s Private Reserves, CaJohn’s Signed Bottles, Defcon Zeros – but there are many many more out there that folks collect. There will be some debate on what makes certain bottles “collectible” – it’s open to interpertation. This category will not define what makes a bottle a collectible, but it will become a resource for folks that want more information on certain bottles. Make sense?

What else should each post include beyond what is listed above?

Nick Lindauer

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