Posted May 27, 2006 by eman in Reviews

CSIGI Chili Sauce by Capsaicin Carnivale

Hi folks!!! It’s review time again. This review is on CSIGI Chili Sauce by Capsaicin Carnivale that our favorite person, Nick, has so nicely sent me. Thakswet has done a nice review on this also, I believe in last August.
So here it goes!

Label: Nice, but not too flashy. Has the chemical formula of capsaicin on it which is pretty cool. It also has a little blurb on what the creators were trying to do.

The bottle reads: “Ttry this sauce on anything you desire. From a multitude of ethnic foods to a wide variety of soups and meats. We are confident you will find much enjoyment from the flavors we have chosen. The founder’s obsession in choosing specific varietals of peppers is used to create a fusion of flavor, texture, and heat that is unlike anything else on the market.”

Ingredients: Distilled White Vinegar, Yellow/Orange Habanero Chilies, Roasted Yellow Peppers, Roma Tomatoes, Garlic, Extra Course Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Hemp Protein (0.00% thc), Spices, Arrowroot

Smell: This sauce has kind of a spicy sweet pickle smell and the vinegar is quite pronounced. Not too sure about this one but won’t know until tasting.

Heat: BAM!!! Comes on fast and hard!! Very nice. Gets the brow sweating and keeps it there.

Taste: You can definitely tell it is a vinegar based sauce but it actually flows well with the peppers. It is also quite sweet. Not too bad actually. Considering I am not a big sweet sauce fan I guess that says a lot.

On Food: Doing the old chicken routine it was pretty good but I think it is screaming for eggs. With a good heat and decent taste most sweet sauce lovers should be quite delighted.

Conclusion: A good try for you sweet sauce fans and those who like good heat.

Overall: 6.5/10