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Cutting Room Floor Contest Follow-up

Attention all Chileheads who entered the Cutting Room Floor Contest from

I spoke with Blair and learned that he has already received over 200 entries! But about 25% of those entries don’t have photographs. So if your one of that 25%, please re-send your written entry along with a photo (or a few) of your hot sauce collection. Apparently some entries are quite close to winners but cannot be considered without a photo submission. (You have until Feb 20th.)

All entries will be posted in a developing section of Blair’s website, for all Chileheads to enjoy, so it’s your chance to show off your collection! Plus it’s a chance to win one of 5 sets of a never before seen, never going to be repeated Blair’s collectable. 5 more sets will be offered for sale to those that send in an entry.

Contest Recap:
1) Blair wants to know your favorite way to use his Death Sauces.
“I want to hear your greatest use for any of my Death Sauces. No, I do not want a recipe. I want just want to know how you use it. From something as simple as pouring it on your pizza, to keeping bears off your property, to what you do with the bottle itself (whatever! no rules!)” – Just please, no stupid animal tricks.

2) Email Blair pictures of your hot sauce collection.
“I want to see what’s going on with it. It is not based on if you have all my products (of course, that does make it cooler). But whatever you have send all your details, when you started, how many bottles, your most prized, what people think of it, do your friends/family think your nutz, etc. send it all (info, photos, whatever!)” – Whether its one picture or fifty, send it in!

That’s it! Emails must be received by February 20th (the 19th to be safe). Send your entry to:

Contest Disclaimer: By submitting your email for the “Cutting Room Floor Contest”, you are granting Blair’s Sauces & Snacks and the express right to use all images and content via web, print, audio or other sources.

What is the Cutting Room Floor?

The “Cutting Room Floor” is a medley of Death Sauce Labels that never made it into production, some dating back to 1989. These are some classics! Some are as new as 2005. See the thousands of hours that are spent by the Worlds Most Obsessive Compulsive Chilihead (aka Blair).

There are some really great ones, but for whatever reason just never made it. Over 1 Dozen bottles in each set that are Signed & Numbered. This is the lowest Reserve Set Blair has ever made!

Other news: Blair is working to get the B-99’s shipped by the end of this week! It takes a lot to step up production of a reserve by 4-6 weeks, so he’s really trying to put the pedal to the metal on this one.

Nick Lindauer

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