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Danny Cash Fiery Foods Collectibles & More

Danny Cash Hot Sauces

Danny Cash Hot Sauce is fired-up to announce the following special edition sauces for the show and other news:

Naga Jabi Bomb
The Naga Sabi Bomb!

The power of the hottest pepper on earth harnessed for your self-destruction! The Naga Sabi Bomb is an insane mixture of Naga Jolokia, Red Habanero, and Wasabi. The flavor is incredible and the heat extreme.

The Naga Sabi Bomb comes with a cool Danny Cash Biohazard collectible shot glass. These will be available on our website soon, but you can pick up a special signed & numbered pre-release edition at the Fiery-Foods show for $15!

Come to booth 204 for a free taste!

Blue NOS

The Blue NOS!

But how could we possibly make the NOS even cooler, you ask? By coming out with a blue version with a milder Louisiana style hot sauce in the bottle and creating a matching 2-bottle set, that’s how!

These are available on our website now, but you can pick up a special signed & numbered Fiery-Foods Show 2007 edition at the show for $15!

“Gimmie More!” you say?

Well that’s not all! We’re bringing a brand new Habanero Mango hot sauce called Mean Streak Mango and special Danny Cash/Fiery-Food Show shwag that you just can’t miss out on! Booth 204-right by the door. Stop by to check it out. Identify yourself as a blogger and Danny will personally give you a foot massage* (Sorry, no dudes).

*Not really.

Email Lee with your bottle # request

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