Posted April 2, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Defcon 1st Annual Wing Eating Contest

The HSB Crew
Let the games begin

One Hot Tamale working as the Ring Girl

The Contest Beings
Round 1

After slowing down, Mad threatens to put Cackalacky on his.

The Winner
The Winner

The aftermath
I can’t feel my face

The aftermath
52 wings later…

The aftermath
Look out captain, I think he’s gonna blow

Now its starting to burn

4 plates of wings covered in Defcon 1 are nothing to mess with. Had I known I would have to down 52 of those suckers, I would have not eaten 2 plates of Defcon 2 wings earlier in the day. It wasn’t the heat that got to me but the sheer volume of wings. At the end, I did steal Mad’s beer (you’re a good friend) to wash it all down and the last 3 wings immediately evacuated my system, but all is good now. I’m quite surprised my stomach isn’t more upset, although last night it did feel like I was about to give birth to one really pissed off chicken.

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