Posted February 26, 2007 by Creator in Collectibles

Defcon Zero Batch #4 Pre-Release

Defcon Batch #4 Prototype

Well, here it is. I was able to intercept my little homunculi in their creation of the first-ever public release of the ZERO Batch #4. The collector bottles aren’t finished yet, so we’ll only be able to offer 26 of these little pre-release (aka Prototype) gems. They may be small, but they pack one HELL of a punch. This has been accomplished by utilizing an extra procedural step in the long, arduous and machine-free creation and harvesting method we have always used in the making of the ZERO. These pre-release bottles will be signed & numbered and they will come with a Cretificate of Authenticity…Suitable for framing.

Each 5ml bottle used approx. 1 pound of dried orange HabanerosEach 5ml bottle used approx. 1 pound of dried orange Habaneros, do the math. This stuff basically blows the roof off of the previous ZERO Batch releases in heat. The actual ZERO Batch #4 collector bottle will not be ready until some time in April, this is a pre-release. I wish we could have been able to make more of these little Vessels of Doom, but alas, it is not to be so. I will not be bringing any of these to the Fiery Foods show, but will be taking orders for them (at the show). I would hate to see someone have to take a sip from one at the orders of a TSA agent, although it would be fun to watch. Get yours for only $25.00 (plus shipping). Please, no orders before the show dates.

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