Posted October 6, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Early Edition Caldera on eBay

Early Edition Caldera

Blair’s HOT SAUCE Caldera Prototype Stage 1 SIGNED

Met Blair at a show and he was showing a lost bottle that was found buried it in his archives. I asked if was for sale and bought it on the spot after explaining what a collector I was. It is signed by Blair and comes in a, roughly, 12-13″ bottle capped with yellow wax and the famous skull.

This bottle set the precedent for what became the SOLD OUT Caldera. This is a true collector’s item because this is the bottle which all subsequent bottles were modeled after!

Thanks for bidding! PLEASE NOTE that only a check or money order will be accepted as this is a high ticket item. After funds have cleared, item will be CAREFULLY packed and shipped to you.

If you’ve got the deep pocket change to shell out, you can lay a bid on this early run Caldera bottle. This is not a HSB auction or SNS – As the auction states, Blair sold this to a gentleman at a charity event and now the guy has put it up on eBay. Good Luck!!!

Nick Lindauer

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