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eBay Auction: The Blane Hot Sauce Set – More Pics & Sauces!

With all the additions to the Blane Hot Sauce Set on eBay, AJ has asked me to post all the new pictures and additions to the auction. The auction ends tomorrow, so don’t forget to get your bid in on this awesome hot sauce collectors set!

ebay image

Included is 1 of each of our product line. As a bonus, included is a GIANT 1000 ml bottle of Red Savina ( tm ) mash, blended with Red Jalapenos, Red Cayenne Peppers, and 4,000,000 extract. There are only 3 of these in existance, we were saving them for a special situation, and this is the #1 of the 3. Also, included, is my personal set of double signed Illegal Alien hot sauce, ( these just got signed by David Curtis last week) and is only 1 of 4 signed sets available, the other 2 were sent to HSB’s this week also, and David Curtis owns the last one.

Finally, all 4 of our DITD line, and our 1st foray into the green sauce market, the Southwest Series. Every bottle in this auction is signed by me. 100% OF THIS AUCTION WILL GO THE THE LANE FAMILY !!!


Brian Moon had added a set of 4 Loco Luna hot sauces. Anybody familiar with these sauces will know, this is quite a treat. Brian makes some of the best sauces in the biz, and is a great friend to us, and a great friend to the community.


The Three Hot Tamales have joined in the fun with a signed set of the complete THT line up !!!
Included is the following:
Cry Baby, Make Me Moan Mango, Garlic Lovers, and Toxic Tonic sauces.
Naughty and Nice Chipotle Spice BBQ sauce.
Both Rub Me the Right Way Sweet and Hot rubs !!!!


A complete set of Fat Kid Sauces
AND: a very rare pre-production prototype bottle of FKS

Uncle BigUncle Big

Our friend from the Great White North, UNCLE BIG has joined in and offered up another special entry !!
A signed bottle of Uncle Bigs hot sauce and a very special treat, a Droolin Devil El Diablo botttle ( out of production and very limited ).
For the collector, this auction represents the finest of the fine, a very special chance to get some very special bottles. Dont forget, you are doing a great thing for a great friend and cause also !!!

Le Million


Big Dawg
Big Dawg

Big Dawg has jumped in with some special goodies:
1 signed jar of Big Dawg Slobber Sauce and 2 very special prototypes !!!!
1 of each, both signed and numbered #5, CPR, Candy’s Private Reserve
Habanero Lime and Kickin Hot Apple Suprise !!!

Gator Sauces

Nick, Dk and Jim C, and Tracy Campbell have added a great unique set of items, a signed bottle of gator squeezins hot sauce, a signed can of gator meat, a gator head and a very special item, the #2-1=1 bottle of short bus hot sauce and the related prints of this bottle.

The big daddy of all things hot sauce, CaJohn, has added a set of senor g’s hot sauce, 3 bottles. Medium heat, hot and fuego. These were a short run item from CaJohn, out of production and very hard to find, not many people have seen them.

More Sauces
More Sauces

Chilihead Ed has donated another very special pair of bottles,
A very limited edition signed and numbered #11 / 13 ten ounce bottle of Redrum Hot Sauce and the matching # 11 / 13 Redrum Bbq Sauce !!!!

Doug ( the truth ) from the blog has added another great item to the auction, a pound of Jersey Boyz Jerky !!!! Winner will 1/2 pound each of their regular and super spicy. As a jerky maker myself, I want to add this is fantastic jerky!!!

Scotty B has sent a bottle of his oblivion habanero sauce and i will use this to make a pound of our jerky also.

There ya go, thats 2 full pounds of jerky to the winner also!!

More Sauces
More Sauces

eBay Auction here.

More Sauces
More Sauces

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