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Fire Mountain Krewe, Gatlinburg Tenn.

Fire Mountain Krewe, Gatlinburg Tenn.

Back Row(left to right) BigShow, Tracy C, Bret, Vic
Middle row(left to right) Jim Campbell, CaJohn (Big Daddy), DK
Front (on his knees”¦hmmmm) Blane

A tradition that is gaining popularity and members (Family Members), the Hards have been hosting a get together based out of Gatlinburg Tn., the Pepper Palace and their cabin in the Mountains. Several of the veteren inductees knew what we were in store for, and held the secrets well. So I think the Newbies like myself were just awestruck and amazed at the hospitality and generosity of not only from the hosts but everyone involved in the goings on.

If you have not been to Gatlinburg before, the place is awesome. Bit of a tourist trap but a lot of fun. So the plan was to meet up at the Pepper Palace which is located in the Mountain Mall at traffic light #6.

Bloggers trickled in a few at time, pointing at each other and then smiling- you’re….. was the phrase of the afternoon. But by far the biggest suprise was BLANE, driving just shy of 17 hours and giving up on a full weekend of “Winder Lickin'” to hang out with some questionable characters.

After the “Meet and Greet”, it was off to the Go-Kart Track for some serious racing! A lot of smack talk, very little talent, and HUGE men squeezed into very small machines with engines- yeah a receipt for disaster. The rules were easy- finish in one piece and you get points, the more points you get after the three races, and you win a prize.

Check out who tallied the scores…. can you see the brain waves ebbing around their heads? Yeah, neither could I. But somehow they can up with it and how amazing- they won!!

1st place was a Halloween Reserve = DK, 2nd place was a Lady Liberty = Big Show, 3rd place was a Proto Eat Sh** and Bark at the Moon, and because someone had to come in last a Danny Cash NOS = Sue.

And we all left with every body part we came with. Strategy, alliances, revenge, plotting, and conspiracy theories- who needs reality TV, we had it all. I can tell you something else, if Bret drives anything like how he did that night, I have to apologize to the drivers of the fine state of Ohio.

Leaving out the explicit material and mostly blackmail pictures, I decided to jump to Sunday morning. Mostly spent eating; signing bottles, helmets, and vehicles; and picture taking the guys opted for another group shot.

Not to be out done….

This post was not done to make anyone feel slighted, I spoke to a couple of the guys and decided to do it i honor of some really great people. There was so much talk around about it, we thought we should share it with everyone. This is a warm up for NM and future events.

The bonding and friendships that are growing from this Blog are amazing, where else have you seen anything like it. I’ve not been associated with anything nearing it’s equal. So as we group together here and there, I hope we all share the events, the makings, and the friendships grown here. I’m getting all sappy now, I love you man!!

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