Posted April 12, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

For all the Hot Sauce Geeks

Think Geek is one of my favorite geek gift sites. And frankly, every hot sauce fanatic should own this shirt. It’s above and beyond the main stream hot sauce shirts and makes a definate statement that you take your hot foods really serious.

Capsaicin Shirt

Description from the site:

For That Hot & Oh So Spicy Geek In Your Life…

The stuff chili’s are made Of..literally. Capsaicin is responsible for that bite and that pungency which makes chili peppers (at least the hotter varieties) such a challenge to eat raw. One word of advice, never touch a habanero and then use the restroom without first washing your hands thoroughly…

You can order your shirt directly from Think Geek here.

Nick Lindauer

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