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Timmy's Torrid Tonic – Caffeinated Hot Sauce

Caffinated Hot Sauce

From the Think Geek Site:

We like to call it TTT or simply Triple T. No matter what you call it though, it’s the world’s first habanero hot sauce constructed from quality ingredients and infused with caffeine. And unlike many of your average caffeine-free hot sauces, Timmy’s Torrid Tonic actually tastes delicious! A must for anybody on the proper end of a cluestick (or a tortilla chip). Great on grilled foods, pastas, soups & even Pizza!

TTT is a “ThinkHeat” brand hot hauce, lovingly formulated by an ex-techie Virginia farmer working on a biointensive and sustainable farm, with the help of a few geeky monkeys.

No preservatives! Ingredients: Water, Carrots, Habanero Peppers, Honey, White Vinegar, Onion, Lime, Salt, Caffeine, White Pepper. 12.5 milligrams of caffeine per serving, 30 servings per five ounce bottle. Yum

Another fantastic item from ThinkGeek. They have had a hot sauce specially made for them that contains caffine. I bought this hot sauce last year with a gift certificate I was given and I was pretty impressed with the taste of the sauce. Not sure how much actual caffeine is in the bottle, surely would have to drink the entire thing to just get a buzz. And any true hot head probably could, cause it’s not that hot. I just figured I should also post about the Think Geek Hot Sauce following my post on the Capsaicin Molecule shirt, since someone would probably comment about it anyways. Consider this a pre-emptive strike.

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